Looking to collab

So like many people here I am sitting on an insane amount of half finished stories and drafts. I’m not sure I’ll ever finish them on my own as I find the actual process of taking a story out of a kink filled synapses into a full fledged story to kind of kill the enjoyment for me.

Anyway if anyone is interested I am looking to work with someone or possibly multiple someones to finish and post some stories. Which ones would entirely depend on you. Some themes I tend to drift toward are 'suggestion: reality alteration, wishes gone wrong, punishments/humiliation (usually by giving a character exactly what they ask for but with a twist), transformation/growing/shrinking of body parts, curses/cursed games, etc.

There are also a variety of styles, though some are impossible to pull off on this site. Most are short stories, some form a series, while others are choose your own adventure style with multiple branches (This is the one that doesn’t quite work on this site).

It really might be easier to come to me with a premise and I match it with what I have that is closest.

My advice is to pick a couple that can be published on this site and do so. Very few are willing to team up with someone they aren’t familiar with, especially if they also don’t know how talented a person is in that field.

So, just write something, anything, then post it and then ask again and you’re likely to have more takers.


Oh right, I completely forgot the stories I posted long ago were done prior to accounts existing on this site. I used to post stuff on here under the name “Nameless” (Clever name I know :P)

If you want me to, I can assign those stories to your account, so the, will be listed in your profile, you can edit them and see the stats for them.

Just let me know!

That could work thank you. Honestly those were written over a decade ago and full of errors and issues I’m kind of embarrassed about lol.