Malebots is down for good

So it seems like has been shuttered.

I’ll admit that MB was one of the sites I tended to keep a browser tab on, though the activity beyond a very small handful of authors was non-existent for a number of years. I’d hope that some of that content finds its way here, but I’ll admit that a number are probably lost for good. Similarly, I find that I miss the social connections to other robofetishists I met there as, besides for a precious few, I know of no way to get in contact with them outside the Malebots ecosystem.

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That’s sad news. I haven’t been on Malebots for quite a while due to … differences with their owner. But I was always i pressed by their content, especially the amazing magazines they created.

It’s certainly a loss for the whole gay kink community

What a shame. There was some very nicely written and excellent content on that site. I followed it for years.

Do we know why it has been shuttered? Puritanical shuttering?

Have you looked into Metabods? It has gay stories, kinky and more


It is a shame. Although MB was a low activity site, it had accumulated a lot of good content over the two decades it had been in service. For my part I plan to slowly repost my own text stories. But I will miss other people’s stuff (especially the CGI art cyborg stories by CyberWerks/JimmyB).

Is it known why it was shut down?

I will definitely miss Malebots. It gave me many hours of enjoyment. There’s also a moral here for authors - post on as many websites as you can, because you never know when one is going to go down.

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With regards to why Malebots shut down - I don’t know. That may partly be on me: I had fallen into the habit of checking in once every week or three. There could have been an announcement of what was happening, maybe with an explanation and possibly even a 24-48 hr warning to download and save stuff from the archives - but I wouldn’t have been there to see it.
On the other hand, Malebots tended to send out email announcements of new content releases or sales approximately once a year. A closing down announcement by email would have by a logical thing to do - but I don’t recall receiving anything like that either.


That short notice would certainly be too abrupt. If you need to shut down for any reason and if you know it beforehand, you have to give it a month at least.

I think something must have happened. Let’s just hope that everyone involved is fine.

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