Markdown question for in-story formatting of dropboxes

So I’ve started writing a story which is somewhat of a choose-your-own-adventure. Assuming that the story links remain the same in the “save and preview” section as they will when published, making links between appropriate choices and chapters is simple.

However, these branching patch choices aren’t the only ones I want to implement, as one thing I’d like to do is set up some “mini-choices” within the text, that don’t actually affect the story, they just provide some context or colour as within each chapter.

I can set up links to separate sections within the chapter easily enough using anchor points


Anchor {#anchor}

And then using a link from within the text. This, however, will lead to a somewhat unweildy document, with a lot of big gaps (so other sections of the story aren’t seen until you make the choice) and it just doesn’t quite look elegant. I thought I had the problem solved by using dropboxes:


This style of thing Where the text is hidden away until the option is selected.

This worked in the editor, with the preview version showing the interactable dropboxes correctly, but when saving and previewing they stop working, and all the text is visible.

So, I guess does anyone have any ideas on how to work around this? Either through making the dropboxes work in story, or alternative suggestions? It’s not a super high priority thing so if it’s something coded into the site to prevent incorporating scripting elements into stories it’s not something that needs to change. I just like the extra bit of interaction it provides.

That sounds like a bug, which probably got introduced when I had to add a fix to keep people from injecting scripts into Markdown (which was possible using commented out tag characters like < ).

This fix probably also disabled some valid Markdown code.

I’ll check what I can do to fix that later today.

I’m very curious about what you’re trying to achieve, maybe I can have a look at it before your publish it? Just out of pure curiosity :slight_smile:

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I had a suspicion it would be something related to that. Hopefully it’s not too problematic to fix without reintroducing the vulnerabilities. Thank you for anything you can do.

And sure, no problem.

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Your wish is my command:

Now I want to see what you’re going to do with this :slight_smile:

BTW, please don’t use HTML, just use the appropriate Markdown syntax I’ve added and which is described in that posting above, for both the hidden sections as well as for anchors.

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Thank you very much! And excellent, because the hidden-until-revealed mechanic is also going to be useful for a different story I had in mind also. But one story at a time.

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