Merge Comments and Votes

For a series it would be great to merge / show all coomments made on the chapters are merged and shown at the first (main one).
Also a “overview” of all votings for the series (for the autor), to see a general score for the whole series.

Well, yes and no. There are some stories where the comments are generally complimentary. Then there are other stories where the comments for each chapter are notably different - not just good/bad but specific points that readers liked, didn’t like or didn’t expect, and comments that question aspects of the story. I suppose if we had the option to merge comments I wouldn’t mind. Then again, anything that makes more work for Martin makes me feel guilty.

It would be doable, but I’m not sure if other authors would like to see a combined comment list (use the Vote button if you do!).

To show an overall rating stat would be more reasonable, I think. Also vote if you want to see that.

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