Missing story crack addicted

Hello everyone
Im trying to look for a story but I cand it.
Its about a guy who is kidnapped and to be broken and converted he is, at first, forced to smoke a is drugged by, I think it was crack, and then when he´s addicted his mater tells him to go on with the drugs, he has to pay him back, so he has to rent him.

Any help?


Unless I am misunderstanding your description of the story, that doesn’t sound like something that would be permitted on this site.

If it’s the story I’m thinking off, then it’s been deleted at the request of the author.

Thanks for your reply. Do u know his name?

Actually, I just had a skim over the story i thought it was, but it’s not that one.

The story I’m thinking off, the ‘victim’ wakes up to find they’ve been sedated, and have been turned into an addict. IIRC it started of with a train journey. It’s possible it was on the old NCMC site, and got deleted from GSS early on, in which case there would be no trace of it it on the current site.
If I get time later, I’ll check through the original NCMC archive, as I do still have it saved somewhere.

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I have the old archive story, but its diffcult to find it. I dont remember How it started But i remember he was drugged and force to smoke and when he was addicted and made a slave on order to get more drugs and pay the “bill” he had to meet other guys…

I’m familiar with that story. If I find it I’ll post the link. It wasn’t Crack. Not that it matters. But It was an injection.

Just one more read! Then I’ll quit!!

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