Mobile issue with story icons and page slowness

There are only very few user-icons that are pulsing and I wonder how this affects you so much. But I’ll disable their pulsing, too, if that helps.

I’ve been experiencing this too, especially on Chromium browsers (Edge, Chrome). Firefox is a lot faster, and I just blocked the elements from appearing, even though I like seeing them :smiling_face_with_tear:. It’s worth it just to get better performance lol

Yeah, it seems the Chrome engine has been changed and renders this much worse than it used to.

I’ve already decided to change it in some way. I’m just pissed as I haven’t planned on doing any considerable changes to the website for personal reasons for some time and this kinda forces me to act. I suspect people are leaving the site for that very reason.

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Yeah I’ve been really seriously lagged out on Chrome, and I did worry that users might leave because of it. I’m sorry that this is forcing you to act!