Mormon true calling

Does someone know why this story has dissapeare?

The second chapter of that story attracted some people I don’t want to have on the site (writing the word ‘boss’ like ‘BoSS’, which in this context clearly refers to the Nazi SS) and other people were offended by that story for religious reasons.

I asked the author to rewrite that story a bit, to make it less problematic.

Even though he understood my issues and it was a very amicable exchange, he eventually asked me to take down all his stories. He seemed quite taken aback by the comments his latest story had attracted.

I am not offended by any such language personally, especially within context of a story environment.

Could I have those stories emailed, please? Personally I hatenazism buth I liked those stories because of the smoking fetish

I didn’t even notice this, then again it is about a Mormon becoming… Not a Mormon… I don’t see the problem. Or I just didn’t get the reference

It was in the comments.