Multiple Versions of the same Story

So I’m planning out a series, some of the chapters will revolve around content a majority of users don’t wish to read about, which is fine! However, some of the chapters contain content like this, which would only make up a few paragraphs that could be easily removed or rewritten.

My question is, would it be okay to submit the ‘same’ story twice, in the same series just with the content slightly changing?

So, very dirty content, hm? Very good :innocent:!

This is not a problem, you can either use the new branched story line feature (where you can have different chapters being connected to the same previous chapter) or just upload two versions of the same story.

That way you can keep the less offending variation free of the problematic tags, too.

Just add an introduction to each of the versions that there is another version and link to it, please.

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Ah, brilliant thank you!

Though as a follow-up question. Since these variations would be in the same series, if a user had blacklisted a tag that was in the ‘naughty’ version, would that stop the normal version from appearing as well? I just want to make sure the normal version isn’t hidden because it’s related to the one with the blacklisted tag if that makes sense. Thanks!

Yeah, exactly, that’s the disadvantage of using a branched series. The tags are used for the whole series, so you’d put off everyone who doesn’t want to see this stuff, whether they can avoid it or not.

So it might be better to create two separate series.

I’ll just do it separately then!


Just the other day I was re-reading Wesley Bracken’s Horny Hugh. Because the last chapter got very violent, he offered two versions of it. That’s also a way to deal with those who may not like all the content of particular stories.