My Furry/Inflation Stories

I’ll be surprised if this even gets noticed, let alone an answer lol. Lately I’ve been thinking of submitting a couple of furry stories of mine. I wrote them a long time ago and they’ve been sitting incomplete in my FurAffinity account, and once or twice I’ve thought about posting them here on the GSS. At the moment, just two series comes to mind:

One is of a gorilla who puts on a pink rubber suit and is controlled via inflation by a rich tabby cat guy who plays and toys with him like the snob he is.

The other one is where a bull gets his genitals replaced by lactating udders and lives at a dairy farm with other male cows.

If nothing else, adding these stories is a decent stalling tactic now that I’ve hit something of another writer’s block. The thing is these two stories are also incomplete, and I don’t think they’re entirely accurate with the overall theme of the GSS. Still, wouldn’t be the worst thing a writer’s posted on here, and it’s not like I’ve got much to lose.

I guess I’m just wondering what others’ opinions are on a couple of my works that aren’t human-based and are also distant from the overall sex theme.


The marvelous thing about these sites is I find story lines I would never have considered or or had never thought would entice me so I’m constantly surprised by how amused, aroused or intrigued I am. Anything you have to offer is unique and obviously somethings someone can relate to. I’d say go for it

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In the context of GKS, furry stories are more than adequate. And if there is some tf involved, their also perfectly suited for GSS.

I’m not a big furry fan myself, and even less into lactate milking, but I know that many others love this theme. And you always get me with rubber, you know that :slight_smile:

So go ahead!


Oof, actually just skimmed over the story a bit, and I was mistaken; it’s not rubber, it’s actually spandex >.<


Now the story is totally inadequate of course!

(Just kidding!)


You’ll have to post any spandex stories over on, which is a rival site run by Tinmar.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Oh noes! I guess I’m going to have to change the spandex into rubber >w>

Personally I really dig hour Gorilla story, it has a lot of MC elements that I adore (including cloning!) It’s very creative.

Also, don’t feel bad about not completing stories… Sometimes life (or yourself) get in the way. I’m working on a sequel for one of mine, and it’s taken me a while haha. (Mostly due to indecision on my part)

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