Need help finding a lost dad son story

I’ve searched the depths of every site I can think of. Nifty, ASSTR, the Kristen archives, even here. But I can’t seem to find a story I remember reading that I can’t find again.

The summarized version of the story goes:
A dad and son are in a bar, the dad is getting quiet drunk and thinks about his ex wife (dead or left him or something like that) then after wandering around drunkenly, he stumbles across this guy fucking a girl in the bathrooms, he wanders around again and realizes he’s lost his son. He goes to the men’s bathroom and sees a big crowd by the one stall, he sees the guy he previously walked in on fucking another person, everyone takes a turn fucking this person till its the dad’s turn, he’s fucking the person in the stall then slowly realizes as people around him start talking and whispering that he’s fucking his own son. He then continues to fuck his son and they both end up enjoying it.

I really would appreciate any help re-finding this story if anyone knows anything about it.

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