New site for Transformation stories

I fully acknowledge this is a large request, and likely has been suggested before by others, but I didn’t see a post for it so I wanted to add it myself.

In the recent past, there appear to have been a significant uptick in stories that are more centrally about Transformation, rather than MC/Hypnosis. There’s always been some intersection between the two, but I think this consortium of websites would benefit greatly from having a dedicated site for Transformation, and there would be several benefits to doing so.

First, it would create a new branch in this network of kinky story websites and find a home for many stories that have generically fallen into Spiral or Kinky. While there are filters and search functions, nothing beats the frictionless experience of pulling up the website, knowing the latest entries will likely include something that intrigues your particular interest. While there’s a lot of overlap between MC and Transformation, it’s often the case I’m looking for the former, not the latter. If the goal is expanding this website, this is a natural extension of work we’re already doing.

Second, it would more easily open up a genre that writers may not have considered for this site. While it covers a broad range of genres, Spiral is primarily for mental changes. Authors who either have a story idea that doesn’t include mental changes, or feel the need to include them to fit this site, may be discouraged from submitting stories. Not only would it open up to new writers, but it would also remove an implicit restriction from those already writing for this site.

Third, I think Martin has written in the past about how the other sites have struggled to gain traction. In retrospect, I think trying to push a generic erotica website in the form of Gay Cupid Stories didn’t really capture an audience that Spiral was looking for. It was too small a site for too large an audience. Transformation, however, has a lot of overlap with our existing audience, while also being niche enough to attract an audience that may be underserved. There are websites that do write to this genre (I’m thinking of, but I’m certain there are others), it’s still a particular kink that attracts a particular reader.

Fourth, reclassifying transformation stories currently on Spiral and elsewhere would concentrate the stories on Spiral to be more MC-focused, which is good for those readers who only specifically seek those stories. In doing so, though, it would have a secondary benefit of making the cross-posting more appropriate. My problem with cross-posting to Cupid is that any story could be considered for that website, because the premise is so open ended, but I’ve always felt that the stories there should be devoid of the MC and bondage elements of Spiral and Collar (just my opinion, feel free to disagree). Transformation, however, would make a lot more sense in creating the Venn Diagram of stories that are exclusive to one as well as fit multiple. The original dream to have an interconnected suite of sites that serve their own genre but connect to others would be far more effective with a site like this.

There are downsides to taking on a task like this. The first and most obvious is the time, cost, and energy involved with implementing this. I fully acknowledge this would be a huge project for Martin with no guarantee of returns on that investment, but I think there could be value to it. Part of this would include reclassifying thousands of stories, either as exclusively transformational or cross-posted with transformation, and that could involve reaching out to authors who may not be interested in moving their work to a new site.

Also, we have “sister-sites” in a manner of speaking that include sites like that already serve this need. Creating a site of our own may cause unintended conflict with members of a community we’d rather collaborate with. I even wonder if it would be possible to merge with them or integrate them into this network’s UI, but that sounds like an incredible undertaking not worth the effort.

In any event, that is my proposal for a potential “Gay Morph Stories” (title pending) website. I’m interested what others think and if it would be valuable or not.

Thank you for your well-written and thought-through suggestion.

Actually, you address a problem that has been mentioned many times, as people into mind control are not always into tf, too (I’m not for example) and that has bothered people in the past.

TF has always been a part of NCMC, as you’ve said yourself. And yes, there is overlap. TF usually also alters the mind of the person being transformed. But not always.

I’m actually open to the idea. Technically, the challenge is not that big. now that the groundwork to support multiple themed sites is already there. And the overlap can easily be handled with the x-site feature and tags.

I also like the name.

What I’d need, though, would be the design and graphics for the new site. That’s one thing I’m not good at. I don’t know if @Hijaden would be willing to help out once again, he’s done so many amazing things in the past (I’m still so in love with our Cupid!). But in any case, the design is the most daunting job and of course to find a way to decide which stories to transfer exclusively and which to x-post on Spiral and Morph.

I’m open for opinions! Also, click the “Vote” button on top of the thread if you agree with the idea!


If Martin is up for the challenge, I think this is a great idea. I don’t want to discourage people from writing physical transformation stories, but some weeks they do seem to outnumber the more traditional mind control and mental transformation stories that I come to GSS for.


You know, an easy solution is always to “unselect” the category “Transformation” in the category selector.

In fact, Spiral by default shows all stories from all sites anyway (as that was a concession I made as it’s the most visited site by far and I want to give all stories a chance to be seen). So it would, by default, always show the stories on “GayMorphStories”, too.

To get rid of them you’d have to unselect “GayMorphStories” from the category selector - but that’s basically the same as unselecting the category “tranformation”.

I realize that a separate site would make a better and clearer cut, and again, I’m not against the idea. But the actual functionality wouldn’t change much either way!


I really like this suggestion! Transformation stories have so many followers that building a whole site makes all the sense. The_Influencer explained it perfectly, by the way.

I must say, though, that in terms of keeping Mind Control and Physical Transformation apart this changes won’t have an effect as long as the Gay Spiral Stories site aggregates the stories from all other sites.

However, in terms of having a space for only Transformation stories this is great! :blush:

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If at some point more people would use Kinky and not just Spiral, I’d change that. And in the end the “Pure” GaySpiral is just a click away for everyone who prefers it that way :slight_smile:

Again, if anyone wants to help out with the design and graphics, I’m down for creating GayMorphStories right away!