Notebooks and Laptops

I am sitting on an obnoxiously large pile of adorably charming notebooks despite the fact that I largely prefer typing out my first draft. Between my own impulse buys and friends noticing my interests, the stock has only grown.

Do any other writers here have this problem?

For me, I’ve bought a lot of journals but haven’t gotten into writing a journal. I do want to write one that records my poetry and my commentary on it; things are changing in my life and maybe I’ll take it up in the new year.

You should totally take a stab at it if you’re feeling the inspiration! I recognize that this isn’t exactly a poetry site, but I hear that different forms of writting can often help to cure writer’s block.

I do a little standup, and all my comedy goes into paper notebooks. The jokes come out better that way.

But for this I’m all about the laptop. I wouldn’t wanna retype to post it, and for some reason I feel more secure knowing that all my dirty thoughts are digital instead of in a cupboard at my house. No idea why.


I’m more inspired by all the diary literature I’ve read in my studies of Japanese literature. I do want to try and write but we’ll see if time permits me to. Thank you for the encouragement.

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I have a serious journal/notebook problem. I have so, so many. Especially those Field Note size pocket notebooks that I inevitably don’t use, but continue to buy.

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In German we have our own words for “notebook” of course (Notizblock). But we still use “Notebook” and “Laptop” for the mobile computer devices …

So this whole thread reads really funny for me, cause I always picture stacks of mobile computers you have lying around at home… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: