Option for always expanded title bar

I find that I probably use the expanded title feature 8 or 9 times out of 10 when I am scrolling down the Home page. an option in the user settings to have it always expanded would be great.

somewhat related comment, I like having the main title above the new chapter titles. where the new chapter title comes first before the main title is awkward to me.

Opinions about the always expanded series title panel? How many people would like to see that option (just click the “Vote” button on this thread).

About the “series title above chapter title” request: It’s exactly like that on the “new style” which I’ve introduced some time ago on the main page:


So maybe I don’t understand you properly?

Only on some of the older legacy pages (like the search function), the old “table” list style is still used, where the chapter is shown above the series title.

If you mean those: I’ve already planned for quite some time to update these as well, to look like the list on the main page, however, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of complaints if I’m going to do that…

Again: Opinions are welcome.

yes, I was just commenting that I liked the new style. that is why I mentioned how it is on the Home page. I wasn’t too concerned about the other pages.

when you do update the other pages will they also go to continuous scroll vs pages? I find that scrolling is preferable to paging back and forth.

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The paging has a couple of advantages and I know that there are people who prefer it to endless scrolling. So I think the infinite scrolling will remain exclusive to the main page.

But by increasing the number of entries per page to 200 or 500 you can get very close to the scrolling behaviour - for the expense of having to wait a bit longer for the page update.

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