Page 2 bug

On mobile, when clicking on the “2” for the second page of new stories, it’s taking me to the forums instead of the second page of results.

Also want to say thank you for all the work you do with the site Martin. I plan on being a patron for a very long time.

Page 2 is special. It’s an easter egg to encourage you to participate in the forums. Did you notice the spiral when you click on 2. You’ll never be the same again, and you like that, don’t you?

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Love your selfies by the way! Very sexy!

That’s your browser still caching that stupid redirection I’ve used a couple of weeks ago when I shut down the site for a weekend.

You have to clear your browser’s cache on your phone completely, that should solve that problem!

And thank YOU! :kissing_heart:

And selfies? Did I miss something here? Are you on Discord and I’m not aware of your name there?

Haha, that solved my page 2 issues. Thank you!!!

I’ve also realized my current username is probably not the most appropriate, so I’ll have to do something about that.

As far as selfies go, I have no idea what Mafisto is talking about… But I’d love to see them.

I was just joking in the general theme of your having clicked the “2” button, seen a spiral, and sending me sexy selfies without you remembering it. But selfies are always welcome.