'Pastor' by JustForFun

I just… REALLY like this one. Its almost a stereotype, pastor/family man with dark past/desires falls off wagon for hot young boymeat

But DAMN I DO NOT CARE …no I do because it makes it hotter

Reminded me of Needful Things, that I’m audiobooking now, a lot of a similar set up. And that’s a good thing. Things are set up for the character, the tempter, and setting and we get to see the transformation, mostly mental creep up and play out.
Loved it. Moreso as satisfied what I feel is a missing kink, the mindcontroller makes their master… sort of. Obvious our tempting college boi dominates from the bottom but by revving up the beast in the man so he unleashes it.

Gorgeous. From the description to the action. But the build up and contrast and use of it was nice. If not into the dark illicit set up this could put you off. But really a rare treat so PLEASE give it a look.
@Hypnothrill @nycboot

It’s very nice. I LOVE demons and devils and wished this guy had appeared sooner. :slight_smile: