Penis shrinking stories and writing challenge

I have noticed that penis shrinking \ cock shrink does not have many stories. Ar-archive has DR.exe story and cyoc has jake tiny but GSS does not have many.

Any writers want to aspire to the challenge of writing some good penis shrinking material?

[I’m ESL English I hope this makes sense . I read better than write. ]

Searching the cock shrink tag gives 25 pages of results. I agree that more is better :slightly_smiling_face: but I think there is a good amount of cock shrink stories on the site.

A recent one that I really liked was

Also, as a self promotion, The Secret Sauna is one of mine that has been pretty well received.

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I would like to participate in such challenges now.

There are a lot of cock shrink stories, but I still wish there were more. It’s a very fun and attractive trope, and - forgive me, but I’m going off topic here - it beats the more extreme “cock disappears and vagina grows,” which is gaining traction on the site recently it seems, and that I can’t enjoy (though of course authors have free reign to write about what they’d like). Living the experience of being a man with female parts is enough for me, and it can only be described as existential horror. That happening to a guy in a story inspires nothing but pity, it’s several bridges too far to inflict that kind of torture on someone. I’d rather we kept vaginas off the site but that’s not up to me lol. Point is, more shrinking and less vaginas. Tangent over :slight_smile:

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Well congrats on realizing you’re not cis. Glad to have you back and playing baseball with us again.


Thank you BlindSeer0, it is a total pleasure. And no need to congratulate me. It wasn’t hard to realize; I always knew. The hard part was deciding whether or not I wanted to go public with that. What convinced me is knowing everyone here would understand and remain a friend, and of course that’s exactly what happened. It’s thanks to the community that I felt comfortable to talk about it anyways, and for that I’m as grateful as I can be.


Ich lerne Deutsch, so ich werde in Deutsch schrieben. Ich hoffe, dass du mich verstehen kannst. Dies ist vielleicht unverstaendlich, aber es Uebung ist :sweat_smile: Dein Englisch ist wirklich gut. Aengstigen nicht.

Ich bin traurig, ueber deine Freunden. Sie sind nicht echte Freunden, wenn sie deine Sexualitaet nicht akzeptieren. Aber, es ist gut, dass deine Familie dich unterstuetzend. Meine Familie ist nicht so freundlich. Meine Mama hasst, dass ich ein Mann bin. Mein Papa versteht es nicht. Das ist ok, obwohl. Man muss stark sein.

Ich war in der verkehrtes Koerper geboren, und dass sehr bedrueckend ist. Ich kann nicht durchdringen… ich kann nicht beherrschen als ein Mann. Aber, ich kann auch nicht hypnotisieren. So, es ist nur alles eine Fantasie. Und ich liebe Fantasie. Dass ist der Grund, dass ich schriebe. Fuer Fantasie, so ich kann Geschlechtsverkehr mit sexy Baseballspieleren haben, und mein Orgasmus haben… sogar ohne ein Penis :wink:

Wieder, dein Englisch ist sehr gut. Besser dann mein Deutsch! Und jetzt habe ich mich lächerlich gemacht :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Dein Deutsch ist gut, firesix… :slight_smile:

Nur bei “Ich kann nicht beherrschen als ein Mann” musste ich kurz nachdenken, was Du meinst. Ich nehme an, Du meinst “I can’t dominate just like a man”, richtig?

“dominate” ist besser mit “dominieren” zu übersetzen. “beherrschen” means “rule over” und wird eher im negativen Sinne benutzt.

Es tut mir leid wegen Deinen Eltern. Aber ich denke, sie werden irgendwann damit klar kommen (they’ll be ok with it at some point).

Vielen Dank Martin! Ja, ich war “Dominate” sagen versuchen. Ich war ein Woerterbuch fur die schwierige Worten befragen, so ich nur benutze, wass das Woerterbuch sagt :sweat_smile: Das Woerterbuch leugt! :laughing:

Ja, meinen Eltern werden mehr entspannt schliesslich sein. Ich hoffe, dass sie so bald sein. Aber, ich bin gluecklich, und das wichtig zu mich ist!

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Man, I’d enjoy a writing challenge themed around cock shrink if I didn’t think it would be too niche of a topic. Hell, I’d enjoy writing more cock-shrink themed stories if I didn’t feel like their appeal was too limited. It seems kind of like a divisive kink. Some people (myself included) really love it. On the other hand it does nothing for some people (And I echo firesix’s comment above about it being a major turn-off when it extends to “penis disappears and other genitalia takes its place”).
At the very least, I can offer you some of my own work that deals in those themes, like Jimmy’s Adventure, Fun With Size, and Magic Soap.
Hope you enjoy them!

I’m kinda sad to hear this is a divisive kink.

I’m rather neutral on the use of cock-shrinking as a story hook (I could take it or leave it depending on the rest of the story).

However, I actually really love small penises. I think they’re quite beautiful and nice. I especially like them on larger men.

My issue then with cock-shrinking is that it is almost always written as a vengeful, hateful act. A curse laid on someone, often accompanied by other ruinous torments. And aside from characters who are having their penises reduced to humiliate and torment them, characters who simply have small dicks are quite absent in erotic fiction.

I wind up just sticking to looking at photos to fulfil this particular kink (if it can even be considered a kink - small penises are completely normal, and as a gay man I think appreciating all kinds of penises is totally normal and really quite vanilla).