Philip K "retiring" (I'm not actually retiring, don't worry! Just switching accounts)

Hi all! Philip K here. As many of you know, this account is a pen name for another author on the site. And the short version of this post is: after a lot of thought, I’m going to switch to running the contests under that author name instead. There, I saved you a long read! :sweat_smile:

But, for more context as to why I’m doing this… Philip K was an account that I made as a one-off joke in 2022, when I posted my “Naughty German Twinks vs. You” story for the Turnabout contest. That story was about (among other things) the story challenges themselves, and thoughts I’d had about them.

What I didn’t anticipate was that Martin’s response to reading my story would be to offer me the role of Master of Challenges. Aka, instead of Martin running the challenges himself, it would now be me.

At first I wasn’t sure if I’d accept. I definitely hadn’t anticipated it. And when I decided to accept Martin’s offer, I took it tentatively. I didn’t know how successful my efforts would be. What if people hated what I came up with? Or, maybe I’d run a challenge and realize I didn’t like doing it, and would want to step down.

So I continued using my Philip K account when running the challenges. I figured, why get my main author account involved in something that might end up messy and short-lived? I didn’t want to muck things up for what I thought of as my ‘real’ writer account—I like writing stories too much, and didn’t want the Master of Challenges role to get in the way of that…

But I also like writing stories for themes and challenges. I’d participated in the challenges before, too, prior to taking over from Martin. And per Martin’s advice, I could continue participating in the challenges, as long as I did it only as Philip K—never under my old account. That felt like the most aboveboard way to do it. So that’s what I’ve been doing. And I put all this backstory on my author profile page too, so that it was publicly available.

Lately, though, I’ve been realizing my old reasons for keeping my two accounts separate don’t hold up anymore. People do seem happy with the challenges. And it turns out I like running them, too. I probably won’t be stopping anytime soon.

And at this point, I’ve written five stories as Philip K. This is almost as many stories as I’d written under my old author account. It’s led me to wonder if I should hang up the cape of Philip K, and put all my stories under my original author name, and run the contests under that name too.

So I’m going to do it. I think many of you guessed this already, since I was never subtle about it… My original account is Nutiper (nickname Nu). And with some help from Martin, I’ll probably transition to doing my contest-running duties as Nu in the next month.

Please feel free to share any questions or thoughts you might have on this. It’s somewhat nerve-wracking to make this kind of announcement. I do not like drawing attention to myself in this way—I prefer to just do the work (or write the story) and let it speak for itself. But it feels important to me to make this announcement, so here it is.

Thank you!!


The cat (literally) is out of the bag! Proud of you, Nu!


You were always my number one guess, Nu! Your sense of humour and skill shines through, no matter the pen name. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Personally, I had no clue! Having operated under two user names before, though, I can tell you that your life gets a lot simpler once you’re back to only one.



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It was only in writing that out I realised your name was (and is now back to being) “Nu-tip-er.”

All these years I used to think it was ‘Nupiter’ (Like ‘Jupiter’) and my developmental disordered ass never corrected it.

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To be fair, I think more people misread it as Nupiter (like ‘Jupiter’) than those who actually caught the correct spelling. So it is absolutely not just you. :sweat_smile: The ease of misspelling is a big reason I recently went “Alright, I might just go with Nu from now on as my official author name…” Nu is also the nickname that a lot of people call me anyways, so it just works better.

But at least ‘Nutiper’ gave us that “Old-tiper” pun, so it was good for something! :triumph:

What, you’re not gonna shorten it to “Nuti”? :grin:

Hmmmm Nuti-Frutti does have a certain ring to it… :thinking: :grin:

If you do a news segment it can be called “Nu’s News”

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Nutiper, the writer, said, “Quick—
These fans are all making me sick!
I shall step back from fame
By a change to my name!
I’ll be Philip…Screw-driver—no! DICK.”

With eternal affection. :wink:


There once was a writer named Philip
Wait, was he actually Philip?
I’m not really sure :person_shrugging:t3:
He’s a bit of a whore
His stories were good, are they still up?

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Oh my god, limericks… I am extremely charmed, and also tickled at their implications that I’m both a bit of a whore and someone who hates having fans :smile:

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You’re complex


I literally had no idea you and Nutiper were one and the same. NONE. And I may have told you this before, but the “Favorite” button gets hit on 90% of the stories authored by Nutiper by me. Linden’s Throne alone, god. And Moon Buddy! among so many others. I’m a drooling fanboi.

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Oh, aw!! This is so kind of you to say!

And I’ll admit I may have thought that “Philip K = Nutiper” was a lot more obvious than it may have been in reality… :sweat_smile: I may have been a little naive in that respect.