Pill-Induced Physical and Mental Transformation

Wanting to work on a follow up to this story and wanted to solicit ideas:

There exists a pharmaceutical treatment regimen that can turn any man into the ultimate submissive muscle bottom, as well as a complementary treatment that can turn any man into the ultimate manly, dominant top. The changes in the subjects can be mental as well as physical, without any limitations. What sort of transformations would you like to see written about?

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  • From an ordinary guy into a hirsuite horny guy
  • From an ordinary guy into a sex-crazed fiend
  • From a straight truck-driver type into a very effeminate type
  • From a not-too-smart guy into a very brainy type who analyzes everything (including sex)

For starters… :slight_smile:


I like the idea of a completely average guy in both body and mind into a physically fit and highly intelligent gay man whose an absolutly dominant and charismatic top.

I also like the idea of said man’s co-workers becoming subby gay bottoms for him with various body types.

All that said the idea that it can also boost intelligence is something I like as a potential use.


Elderly widower to even talk right selfish dominant who can seem to turn people to masochist thralls addicted or unable to resist his domination and craving more. More undercover.
Like Mr. Jekyll is apathetic. Mr. Hyde is a dark haired sharp eyed. And strong toothed pimp. Not trick more… like hot or solid

Repressed Blue Collar black guy. Becomes sort of like a classic Cruz singer with a smooth often babyish charm that makes him an excellent player. Same enchanting the fact but different people fall for him they believe in him they trust him they like him and he’s always able to see them charming and kind. I suppose his main thing would be his voice and the way he can smile and look someone in the eye making them aflutter with warm and Fargo on feelings

Nervous slightly chubby kid on the edge of graduation. Take some pills thinking that they’re going to help him concentrate and knuckle down for school plus he’s had some anxiety. This is supposed to help. Sing he’s got stronger arms. And Lex no facial hair but High hair on top of his head it grows pretty large and he can accept styling it. I suppose more grunge but with elements of pompadours or large surprisingly conflict in elements of male Beauty but for some reason it works for him. It does help them Focus making him very intense and Analysis and intelligence it’s like he can remember everything around him enhance has his senses hearing sight sound smell. His big thing is touch once he’s touching someone maybe it’s vibrations maybe it’s pheromones maybe it’s everything but it’s like he knows exactly how to touch you to help induce a physical and then emotional response. His massages are almost addictive and they seem to be better than an exfoliation treatment and give your skin the tone that he wants. But after you’ve been under his hands it’s like he’s in your head dreaming.
Maybe a sharkskin suit or jeans and leather. For some reason he can make something that looked cheesy intimidating and sexy. No matter where he sits it’s like people are drawn when they look in a crowd. Older folks in particular find him alluring. He seemed so mature so mighty so potent for his age. And soon they find themselves besotted and devoted to him doing anything he wants. Submitting to him adoring him worshiping

Tech nerd becomes a whip long Sunkist solid Dionysus figure or perhaps like a fawn. Wearing flowers or something. Dancing out in public naked seductive in his movements. Able to live in nature even more comfortably than in Tech business. It’s the look more than the muscles but it’s like every inch of him is gorgeous beautiful flawless and if he’s seen in sunlight she’s hypnotic the longer you stare at his Exposed Skin the more it’s like you’re drawn in and then you join him in the dance forgetting your cares

We aggressive power bottom perverse cherub? Someone who really is good at getting people to pound him regardless of relationship or affection. they really like giving it to him rough and hard. But they find that they can’t be as strong or have as much staying power nasty or what-have-you outside of his care. He himself really likes getting railed a lot. grow short and cuter. The interest scene dichotomy of cuteness and perversity while turning their lovers into raunchy sadist. he seems to even get more adorable the more he experiences

On a similar note an old grouch becomes sexy Santa. their belly becomes an erogenous Zone they become an excellent chef or Baker and become good at fixing in assembling things which always seems to be something someone needs. Giving the gift sort of creates a bond and being ground and rubbed makes them feel really good. This one’s more versatile sort of gives people what they want even before they realize that they want it. maybe learns how to make or inadvertently produces a secondary substance in order to make someone into an elf or a reindeer. Not literally more like take on elements of that
they can also turn someone into a mrs. Claus and this case I sort of secondary support unit who gains the ability to dream walk. The longer they sleep the more they can influence someone’s dreams. But I guess that’s going to more into psychic stuff which feels a little out of theme for what you were asking

I would love to hear details of the transformation of his body which includes changes to big sensitive pecs and a global bubble butt that he is told is his boy pussy. While he hates the term pussy in reference to himself. The pills turn his ass to pussy when he realizes how much he loves getting fucked by huge cock. Then he keeps getting into situations were groups of guys, say frat boys, sports teams, dorm flier mates, gym buddies, are given the top medication to grow huge cocks and hyper sex drives to dominate and fuck the bottoms pussy ass. Hes ashamed but loves it, begs for it, cant get enough big dicks to fuck him. Straight guy pussyed for cock. Whore for cum.