Plagiarism on the site

Hey guys, I’ve had a weird thing happen. Someone commented on one of my stories that another author has lifted some of my writing. It’s very minor and they’ve tweaked some things but it’s pretty obvious that they’ve lifted my work.

It’s only a few lines at the end of a 7k word story so shout out to the person who noticed (I have no idea how they noticeD) but I feel like people should be aware of this because I feel like my little story that got very little traction on here can’t be the only person he’s “borrowed” from. I’ve linked the stories and then the excerpts below but I feel like this isn’t ok. This isn’t just “parellel thinking” it’s not like we both thought of the same phrase to describe something. It feels like he’s just copy and pasted the end of my story and then tweaked a word here or there.

Idk what the rules on plagiarism are on this site but I felt the need to raise awareness, they’ve got a patreon linked and I don’t think anyone should be making money from other peoples work.

Link to my story: 'Giving him a new obsession' by deft - Gay Spiral Stories
Here’s a link to his story: 'Superman's Submission' by Dylan - Gay Spiral Stories

Excerpt from my story: God, hypnotising guys always makes him so horny. I turn back to Grindr and browse the feed until my eyes fall on “8.5 inch submissive.” I look at his profile, a swimmers bod, hairy, but well muscled, balding but that doesn’t bother me. He’s cute, I eye his pictures, yeah, he’s just my type.

“Want to be owned.” was all his bio said. Ooh, I like the sound of that. A nice big cock with an owner who wants to do anything I say? Idly my ass begins to rock from side to side as I start to type a message to him.

Excerpt from his: God, hypnotizing guys always made me so horny. I turned back to Grindr and browsed the feed until my eyes fell on “10 inch submissive.” I looked at his profile, a swimmers body, youthful but well muscled, shaved clean, but that didn’t bother me. He was cute, and as I eyed his pictures I told myself that he was just my type.

“Want to be owned.” was all his bio said. Ooh, I like the sound of that. A nice big cock with an owner who wants to do anything I say? Perfect. I hummed a happy tune as I started to type a message to him.

That’s really a curious finding, especially as noone would suspect that any person would even recognize that passage.

But it’s long enough and specific enough to rule out coincidence.

I’ll contact Dylan and direct him to this thread. I want to give him the chance of giving his own position on that.


Deft, I‘m out of words and must apologize openly. I did read your story and was inspired by it since I wanted to write a Superman story with a twist. I have done a reboot of a story of Bad Colin Baxter some time ago with his consent, but this time it was different. I guess your story was too fresh in my brain and „inspiration“ simply turned over to a primitive reboot. Your decision: We let Martin erase mine completely, or I rewrite it so it’s not just too near to yours.
Again, I must apologize and trust you to decide what you want me to do!

Greets, Dylan


I’m fine with just the stolen bit being rewritten, but let’s not pretend this was “inspiration” and not “too near” mine, it is mine, literally copy and pasted then the smallest of small tweaks being made. This wasn’t remembered unless you’re Rainman and just happened to remember it damn near word for word including punctuation which I think is about as likely as DC using your story for their next Superman film.

I also think it would be worth other authors keeping an eye out as like I said in my first post, I can’t imagine this is the first time this has happened, it’s just the first time there’s been an eagle eyed viewer to notice it and say something.


Boris Lermontov : [to Julian Craster] “. It is worth remembering, that it is much more disheartening to have to steal than to be stolen from”
The Red Shoes