Please help ne find this story


so I’ve been looking for a while now and I can’t find this story anymore. I’ve read it a while ago, so details are somewhat hazy.

It’s about a young man who starts talking to a stranger online. Said stranger sends him hypnotic files, I believe, to train that boy before claiming him.
This continues for a while, with the boy also recieving call a call at work that puts him into trance. The periods during which he goes under become longer and in the end he is constantly in trance while finishing school.
In the end, he awakens again on the day he finally gets to be claimed by his master. When he comes to he realises his two friends have now also been roped in deeply into this world, with one of them turning into an obedient slave and the other one into a cruel and sadistic master.
They have him accompany him to some shady surgeon where the newly made master has his slave castrated, if I am not mistaken.
I don’t remember if some body modification was transformed on the protagonist but in the end he meets his new owner and that’s where the story ends.

I’ve been searching for a long while now and I’m at the point where I’m questioning whether this story actually ever existed or if I just dreamed it or something.

So if anyone has a clue, I’d be very grateful for aby help!


I think I know the story you mean. I can’t recall the name. The story was controversial, with a lot of readers balking at aspects of the story (including myself). I saw the story updated a couple more times after I stopped reading it and then haven’t seen anything since. Whether its still on the site or not I don’t know.

One aspect of the story I recall is that the mind-controlled character had been targeted and groomed by the hypnotist from a young age. That and a few other elements of the story were extremely :scream:

I remember the story well, also because of the controversy it created. I’ll check if I can find it. It hasn’t been that long ago.

Is it this one?

Teen Nullo - Gay Kinky Stories

The search for the tags “teen”, “slave” and “nullification” brought this up as the single hit.

I think you’re right Martin. It was Teen Nullo. Got pretty dark, but I think the bad guy was defeated in the end.

Well that’s good to know! Honestly, once it was revealed in the story that the main character’s parents had been complicit in his being turned into an empty body for the villain (i.e.; his entire childhood and life had been a lie) I had to tap out. There’s dark, and then there’s just plain evil. My little soldier can’t get it up to something that mean. I hope the villain was run over with a tractor or something.

Hey amul. No spoilers but he gets what he deserves. And the main character gets himself back, mostly. I’m kinda surprised at myself for sticking with it, as parts made me uncomfortable.

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It is indeed Teen Nullo. It came up in my search all the time but I constantly disregard it because when I looked at the later chapters it was always story I did not now. Never realised there was more story. In my head the first chapter was all the story. Probably because it is separated in chapters and my brain decided it must have been multiple chapters.

Just read up on the rest of the story and I understand the controversy. It gets really fucked up. Damn!
Kinda wish I did not know about the rest…

But thank you for your help!

Well, I did go ahead and read the ending. It was decidedly not to my taste.

Even the title is a complete deception, since he isn’t a nullo he is turned into a woman.

It was definitely Teen Nullo. It was not to my taste to put it mildly.

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Here’s a link to the story:

Does anyone know where I can find a story I recall as named “My brother-in-law’s locked door” which forbidden door was entered by the curious with resounding and enjoyable consequences?