Poll for the next Story Challenge theme is live. EDIT: Poll has closed!

Hi all! I’m opening up voting for the next challenge theme. :eyes:

Voting will be open all week, until next Friday, December 22. The story challenge itself will go live about a month later, during late January.

You’re encouraged to come up with your own smutty, smutty interpretation of the winning theme for your story challenge submission. :smirk: But check out the detailed descriptions below, too, for an in-depth look at the prompts that are up for voting and some potential ideas to get the ball rolling.

You can also vote for more than one challenge theme if you have a hard time choosing. Have at it!

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If a theme wins, the relevant post below will be the official description for that theme. It’ll be what gets posted to the main site when the challenge is up.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the concept of MAD SCIENCE!

Impossible inventions. Transformative chemicals. Laboratories, test tubes, experiments gone wrong… Experiments gone right. Hunky lab assistants. Human test subjects. “I’ll show them! I’ll show them all!” An inventor goes rogue with his Porno-Ray-Gun, where a single zap turns anyone (pizza guy, fireman…) into their gay porn counterpart. A jock ends up as the oblivious test subject for his gay roommate’s mind-altering experiments. A scientist’s assistants get so fed up over how he mistreats them that they put the ‘mad’ in mad science by furiously unionizing and turning him into their willing sex slave—helped in part by the illegal pheromones they’ve pilfered from his lab. A medieval scholar unearths a 13th century ‘device’ crafted by a mad monk, and discovers that the monk’s invention has actual reality-warping powers…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your MAD SCIENCE story?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story themed around CAMP(ING)!

Camping in the woods; or boot camp; or summer camp; or “I’m looking camp right in the eye.” Sleepaway camp. Hidden campgrounds. Tents and pine trees and Bigfoot. Sontag’s Notes on ‘Camp’. A group of campers realize that the tall tales they share around the campfire are coming true… and one of them begins to take advantage of it. A boot camp is thrown into chaos when an enemy’s ‘gay bomb’ goes off mid-training. At a summer retreat, everyone begins transforming into satyrs and nymphs once Pan himself pitches a tent at their campground. Three swishy, Camp™ friends are sent to a ‘re-education’ program where they’re supposed to build a De-Campifying Machine to ‘fix’ themselves… but instead, the machine they build turns you from from camp… to scamp

The possibilities are endless. What’s your CAMP(ING) story?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS”!

You open your eyes, and something’s definitely changed. (Or has it?) It’s you who’s different… (Or is it your roommate—or maybe the whole world?) You definitely know something is off. (Or do you? Can you even remember how things used to be?) And: does it matter to ask who’s behind these changes? Perhaps it’s a story of your roommate getting his hands on a Chronivac… and you wake up as his devoted, oblivious slave. Or, it’s a story of waking up with new, mysterious powers. Waking up as a werewolf. Waking up as a bubble-butted twink—right next to your old body, who doesn’t realize that the twink he’s fucking is you. A story about dreams—the line between waking and sleeping—intentionally crossing the barrier. Dream magic, dream technology… Or, your brother is a totally changed man, but he insists (maybe even believes) that he’s always been like this. He “just woke up like this, it’s no big deal.”

The possibilities are endless. What’s your “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” story?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase IT CUMS FROM OUTER SPACE!

Space stations. Alien hunks. Symbiote invaders. Adventures on Mars. Meteors that grant unusual powers… Astrologists whose horoscopes correspond to different skies. “What’s your sign?” “I’m a Himbo, with a DILF rising.” There’s a breach at Area 51, and a nearby Drag Race viewing party gets overrun by escaped sexy (extraterrestrial) studs. A team of astronauts find an abandoned alien spaceship… and unknowingly bring back its cargo of sex pollen. A radio picks up a broadcast from beyond the stars, which turns anyone who hears it into a dumb, gay fuckbunny. A lonely forest ranger finds a glowing rainbow meteor in the woods—his life will never be the same.

The possibilities are endless. What’s your story that CUMS FROM OUTER SPACE?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the concept of RIVALS!

Romantic rivals. Sports team rivals. Corporate rivals. Sibling rivalry. “You’re more obsessed with your rival than with making love to me!” Now don’t get so heated, champ, it’s just some friendly competition. “I’ll wipe that smug grin off his face, if it’s the last thing I do!” A lawyer will do anything to beat his rival for the senior position at their firm… including making a pact with the devil, which goes terribly (erotically) wrong. A sports doctor reconciles two football teams by dosing them with a new pill: one that transforms aggression into sexual tension, with orgiastic results. A pair of brothers take ‘sibling rivalry’ to a new level when both come into their magical inheritance… and enact a magical battle of wills, where the loser will become the winner’s personal slut. Two competing magical-boy teams sabotage each other’s transformation wands, with unexpected (and slutty) results.

The possibilities are endless. What’s your RIVALS story?

And it looks like our next story challenge theme will be MAD SCIENCE! :alembic: :test_tube: :man_scientist: Thank you for voting, everyone!

The story challenge will open for entries in about a month’s time, in late January. And it will remain open to submissions for six weeks, as per the usual. So you’ve got some time to work on your stories. :blush: Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!