Poll for the next Story Challenge theme is live - EDIT: Poll has closed!

Hi all! I’m opening up voting for the next challenge theme. :eyes:

Voting will be open all week, until next Friday, May 17. The story challenge itself will go live about a month later, during mid-June.

You’re encouraged to come up with your own smutty, smutty interpretation of the winning theme for your story challenge submission. :smirk: But check out the detailed descriptions below, too, for an in-depth look at the prompts that are up for voting and some potential ideas to get the ball rolling.

You can also vote for more than one challenge theme if you have a hard time choosing. Have at it!

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If a theme wins, the relevant post below will be the official description for that theme. It’ll be what gets posted to the main site when the challenge is up.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase THE WRONG ROOMMATE!

Roommate plans gone awry. Spells and potions meant for one roommates affecting the other one instead. Coming home to the wrong dorm at night… or, is it now the right dorm, after all? Roommates who aren’t what you expected them to be. Roommates who ‘came back wrong’. Roommates who make you think, wait, maybe you were the wrong roommate all along… A chemist major creates a potion to turn his secret crush into an irresistible gay stud—except it’s his obnoxious suitemate who drinks the potion instead. An artist’s roommate returns from a remote part of the world, but he’s ‘come back wrong’… did he always shun sunlight, and did his eyes always glow so hypnotically? A bachelor wizard is driven to his wit’s end by his mansplaining roommate who is always ‘wrong’ about everything… so he casts a spell to make him always right, and inadvertently gives him the power to reshape the world. A trio of friends set up a Chronivac so that only they, as roommates, can use it… without realizing they’re sharing the dorm with a horny gay ghost, and he’s now using the Chronivac too…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your story about THE WRONG ROOMMATE?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story themed around SMALL MIRACLES!

Minor gods. Small-scale magic. Pedestrian ‘miracles’—finding love in unexpected places; finding luck where you didn’t expect it. “Pregnancy is a small miracle, Chad! Especially mpreg…” A ring that only grants wishes that could happen anyways by coincidence. Spells that only work if you are under five feet tall. A real estate agent discovers a haunted, reality-warping elevator—any wishes he makes remain true so long as he’s in the elevator, but stop being true the moment he leaves its boundaries… A cult consisting of three people summons a very minor eldritch abomination, to help them pay their lease as their fourth housemate. An internet fetishist devises a magic system based on small-cock humiliation—and inadvertently gets into a heated rivalry with the Big Dicked Magicians Guild. An inventor creates a machine that can perform the minor miracle of turning pennies ‘lucky’… without considering that his himbo lab assistant is also named Penny, and Penny’s idea of a lucky day would be fucking the inventor…

The possibilities are endless. What’s your SMALL MIRACLES story?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase UNEXPECTED INHERITANCE!

Secret wills from long-deceased relatives. Dusty amulets found in the attic. Inherited curses. The literal plot of Teen Wolf. “Your parents never told you this, Chad, but you’re half-fae… and you’re coming into your powers on your 21st birthday!” There’s a legal dispute over which brother inherits the family’s magic wand, and it leads to shared custody, with some reality-bending results. A son of two werewolves discovers he was switched at birth, when he comes into his genetic inheritance… as a catboy. A generational curse leads to a grad student summoning demons in an attempt to break the curse before it catches him too. (If only the demons weren’t on the side of the curse…) A hapless computer programmer inherits his distant uncle’s submissive drone army… except he’s a submissive in bed too! Can he reprogram them to top him, before they force him to top them…??!

The possibilities are endless. What’s your UNEXPECTED INHERITANCE story?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase EMBROIDER THE TRUTH!

Tall tales made real, exaggerations turned true… Embroidery magic, woven spells, restitching reality into a new shape… “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Tapestries that rewrite the world. Gossip magazines, broken telephone. The spindle of the Fates. “Words can have transformative power, young mageling.” “So can this magic Speedo, daddy… if you dare to put it on.” A chronic exaggerator wakes up one day to discover all his casual tall tales are coming true… and affecting him instead. Two cross-stitchers on Etsy engage in a proxy battle of transforming each other’s husbands, determined to prove whose embroidery magic is the strongest. A new startup creates a literal ‘rumor mill’ that can distill rumors into swallowable pills—which, if swallowed, can turn true about you, but with unpredictable results. A tailor unknowingly inherits a sewing machines built by the gods, and now people transform (in both body and mind) to fit whatever outfit he sews for them…

The possibilities are endless. How will your story EMBROIDER THE TRUTH?


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: write a story inspired by the phrase A DOOR TO A DIFFERENT YOU!

Doorways to new dimensions. Portals that transform those who pass through them. Alternate realities where you’re someone else entirely… Doppelgängers, duplicates. A Narnia-esque wardrobe leading to a fantasy world that changes you. A bouncer who says “no inhibitions allowed past this point” as you step into a club—and his words turn real. Self-help lingo: “follow these easy steps to a totally new you!” Think Being John Malkovich. Think Everything Everywhere All At Once. A new homeowner finds a secret door hidden inside his bedroom closet, leading to an alternate version of his house where he’s the master of a gay harem… with just one problem: he’s straight. An antiquer buys a mirror whose reflections come alive, and step out of the mirror, and start helping out around the house—which is great, till they gang up and decide they want to fuck him! An alien stargate turns out not just to teleport ships across the stars—it teleports them into slightly different dimensions entirely… and reshapes their passengers accordingly. A businessman buys a cheesy self-help book titled A Door To A Different You… which turns out to be transformation-focused spell book, but he tries using its spells to climb the corporate ladder anyways—with disastrous (sexy) results.

The possibilities are endless. What’s your story about A DOOR TO A DIFFERENT YOU?


Thanks for running these Nu. It’s a lot of effort just to write up the ideas. I can’t believe how creative you are. So many good story ideas in the above paragraphs. I’d love to read stories based on pretty much all of them.


What he said :point_up_2:t3:

You’ve already won the roommate story challenge!


What a great selection of challenge prompts! Im excited to see where this goes.

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While I like all of the prompts, I do like the idea of forcing all the authors to make sewing puns/magics/etc more, so I’m going with EMBROIDER THE TRUTH


Why did i pop a boner at the idea of being forced to write sewing puns? I hate sewing but something about that phrasing…


And it looks like our next story challenge theme will be THE WRONG ROOMMATE! Thank you for voting, everyone!

The story challenge will open for entries in about a month, during June. It will remain open to submissions for six weeks, as per the usual. So you’ve got some time to work on your stories. :wink: Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Can we start working on them in-site now, or do we need to start posting them in-site only when the challenge is up?

The challenge has to be active once you “publish” it. You can start writing and saving it anytime as long as you don’t publish it. But you have to remember to edit and activate the challenge option before you finally publish it in the challenge.

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Thank you!

Can we make more than one submission?

Not for this contest, unfortunately, since all submissions are anonymized.

The yearly Halloween contest isn’t anonymized, so for that one, you can submit more than one story! But for the regular themed contests, such as this one, it’s only one story submission per author.