Popped collar transformation?

Does anyone know of, or plan on writing, a story of a transformation happening due to a collar being popped? There’s something about it that sounds hot to me but I can’t find anything with that specific trigger.



What do you mean by “popped”? To me it sounds like the collar breaks. Unless you mean by “popped” that the collar is locked.

No, like the collar of a polo shirt/dress shirt being turned up

As a preppy enthusiast…I would be very, very, very interested in such a story. I feel like I read something like that on a Tumblr once, but I don’t think there are any stories on here yet with that theme.

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I had one like that on the old site: a story called “The Neighborhood,” adapted from a straight story I found on MCstories.com. But then it got taken down, for reasons that were never explained to me.

Looks like the story is still up, just credited to you and the original author:


I’m amused by nycboot’s confusion over “collar”, which definitely suggests an angle by which someone could approach this story: a dom/sub relationship where the collar isn’t your typical BDSM gear but the collar on a polo shirt.


Love that story, definitely recommend it, OP :smiley: