Possession Idea

Have a fantasy that I have been trying to find something similar to in story form for a long time and finally came across this site (amazing site, btw). Searched it an found some that are close but not quite. Here is the jist of it:

An alien blob/slime comes to Earth to take over. It does this by possessing men and copying/reproducing when having sex with, other men. Straight, gay, bi, doesn’t matter to the alien; just possess, seduce, reproduce, repeat.

As with anything, the devil is in the details and what I haven’t really found. It’s not the end state of being possessed and turned gay that turns me on, its the process of being possessed. I imagine it being a slow process where the victims body turns first, slowly losing control of it. The mind stay straight until the blob copies/reproduces and takes over the new victim. And they go separate ways to turn more men. It’s a seduction/soft rape fantasy with an ending of possession and being turned from straight to gay.

If there is a story like this on here already, I’d love to find it. lol :wink:


I have had a similar idea for a story.

An alien parasite, like you say, a blob/slime/viscous type thing, that enters a victim’s head and kind of ‘bonds’ with their brain. During this stage it would be total body possession, with the human aware of what is happening, presumably being horrified, but unable to do anything about it. They are just a puppet for the alien.

In my version of the idea, the slime alien has a distinctly malevolent personality and is able to communicate with the victim within their mind, and they have conversations. Presumably it does this to gloat and torture the person. After a certain amount of time (24 hours, 48 hours maybe, something like that), however, the parasite will have restructured the person’s brain, altering their thought patterns, and eventually the alien will leave the body and invade someone else.

At that point, the person who had previously been possessed is now ‘free’, and is in control of their own body again, but they have been reprogrammed to obediently serve the interests of the alien, to be fanatically devoted to assisting it in its cause.

I think it’s a very interesting idea. I don’t know if it has been done quite like you describe, but I’d definitely be interested in reading something like that if anyone knows of any stories along those lines!


Still learning how to use this site. Meant to post this in the Author/Readers section and thought I had actually signed in when I posted it. Sorry!

I like your idea too. They are or are being possessed and know it but have no control or way to change their fate.

I hope you’re familiar with absman420’s single story Pollination and the series of the same name. (I’ve j/o so many times replaying these stories in my head, particularly imagining a video of Mike Milano.)

Also check out Hypnothrill’s The Lost Cave.

There are a number of other alien takeover stories but—like you—the take-over part I find super hot; what happens after I find usually less enthralling.

I’ve talked about such an idea with author Fiddlerbear. In conversation with him, we both came up with a premise for a story. I began to write my version and he began his, and then when we reconnected a few weeks later, turns out we had entirely different stories even though they were based on the same premise! I have yet to complete mine: The take over part is fun, but rounding it out to a satisfying end is much harder (maybe not possible).

If you find any stories like this, please share them!

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If you do finish it, I’d love to read it. :slight_smile:


Okay THIS!!! exactly a story like this is something I’d really like. I haven’t had much luck finding one that’s completed.
I do remember finding a story sorta like this called anal goo(?) that I found on another site. Sadly it’s been so long since the author updated it and I’ve even sent an email back but I’ve never gotten a reply back.
I don’t exactly believe it was alien but It really might have seeing it’s been a while ago and my memory might be off.
But the way it went was two boys decide to go to the woods and they find this wierd puddle of goo and one of them inspects it, then the goo and quickly changes him and the other dude gets scared and runs off to leave the other one.
A few sexy sentences later, the dude starts mumbling he needs to share the goo to other people and start going to his friend’s house.
This story was actually categorized as bisexual and it was left to where the dude who ran off is hiding inside and his older sister getting attacked by the goo filled man.
The story really pushed alot of buttons and I’m really sad I haven’t found one similar to it.
Glad someone actually has similar interest in me!
If you’ve read this far, OP should really go to the search bar and look under the alien tags…there’s not alot of what your trying to find but trust be, they’re there!

Yes I’ve read this story a few times. It’s not goo, it’s a green alien rock. I’ll try to find it.

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If I were do do something in this vain, I would invariably make it cutesy.

I would probably make the alien itself at first not care about the chemical reaction during orgasm, as in, notice them, but not care, just harvesting the semen and info from this species like easy-to-hypnotize livestock.

Then, start to decode it and realize it’s become fond of the experience and while it (the alien) is able to make any man have sex with any other man, it’s the gay ones, and the ones that are attracted to one another that make the best orgasms. So it becomes more tuned to finding good matched like a symbiotic “gay cupid”, all the while becoming more intrigued in the process himself. Eventually he become so enamored by human thought and feeling that he decides to make a body for himself with what he’s collected and turns himself into his idea of an attractive gay dude.

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An inanimate object becoming a gay dude because of its ingesting of semen. The idea sounds so tantalizing - do it! :slight_smile:

I’ll churn it around in the old’ noggin for a while and see.
It would be fun writing some “thing” that goes from being absolutely logical and distant to human beings (just like forcing two policemen at a check point to fuck each other, then collects the stuff, and leaves them there wondering WTF),
to slowly getting corrupted by biological sexual thinking and looking for more and more love and attraction in it’s hosts.

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I fully wrote this entire story.

I just gotta wait until I’m sober to see if it’s any good. I hope it is.

I would be interested in that story too. hahah. I’ve searched a lot in the alien tag section but haven’t found many stories that focus on the turning of the men, mainly the after affect.

While I am still on hiatus from my stories for the moment this is basically the format I enjoy the most. Like most people have already posted though, I too find the most attractive/ hot parts of these kinds of stories is the process of being possessed. The visual and mental descriptions of men being subdued, used, and or taken over. Most of my stories honestly start off as fantasies that I concoct while looking up images of men, or watching porn, so the hard part for me has never been imagining new and exciting scenarios for these things to happen. The challenging part for me has been in concluding the stories that I come up with in a way that I’m personally satisfied with. I love my little fantasies, but I almost feel obligated to do more when it comes to posting them to gss? Maybe I’m wrong? I want to give more than just my j/o fantasies. Lol. Idk.


I love your story Lenny On the Prowl. It’s one of the few stories I have found on the internet that hits my buttons when it comes to this. So what ever you are doing before posting here, keep it up :slight_smile:

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