Posting Images for a New Story

I hope this works. I’m hoping to post my images here, so I can provide links to them within the story I’m about to submit for GSS approval.

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Hey Hypnothrill,

you are aware that you can directly upload images to our site with the image button in the editor’s icon bar?

Clicking on “Adding images to your story” open up a dialog explaining the process in more detail!.

Noted! I’m still happy enough with my solution because I can now use this thread to post bonus images that didn’t make it into the story but did serve as further inspiration for it. Now I just need you or some nice member of the Admin team to approve my story!

I’m looking forward to read your story this evening (German time). If no one else has approved it by then, I will.

You’ve included the images as links, which is fine, but you could have added them as embedded images, like it’s done in this story: ‘Experiments in Black Part Five: Whispers of Truth’ by Evan14 - Gay Kinky Stories

They’re automatically embedded as thumbnails and if you click on them, they’re shown in full size,

Let me know if you want this, and I’ll create a revision of your story with embedded images :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, but I’m happy with how my story is set up. I checked, and all the links are good.

One final option I’d suggest for the future is, which I’ve seen a lot of people using (and I’ve used myself) for NSFW image hosting. It’s free and seems well-supported by its patrons.

The reason I suggest it is that a forum like this only has a limited amount of storage space available and I don’t imagine it’s anywhere near the amount of storage that Martin has allotted for GKS itself. A few images probably won’t hurt, of course, but I wouldn’t suggest it as a habit for authors at large

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Can not wait to read it!

I found I can click and drag images I want to use into the embed link thingy when I get ready to post or edit a story.

Sexy pics to accompany a really erotic story!

Love to see the other pics you have for this story :smiley:

I’ll upload more “Circuit” pics at some point, but first I wanted to show some pics I’ve been creating in Bing this week. Their interface is extremely tempermental when it comes to erotic content, but when you enter the right prompts, it can deliver extremely kinky images. This was an unexpectedly fortuitious result when I entered:
Hunky muscular white water polo team standing beside swimming pool, each man has a tentacled creature on the back of his neck, dazed smiles, each man holds a tentacled octopus-like creature in his hand, full-body image showing legs, mindless bliss, luring the viewer into a cult, mix of younger and middle-aged men, gazing straight at the viewer, different faces, excited, clean-shaven, mix of blond and dark-haired men, cult recruitment, conspiracy, cinematic, hyperrealistic

I quite like the mix of guys it gave me here.

I love the slightly menacing poses here:

Another fave:

I love the low angle and the ball-creature in this one:

I don’t know why this one changed the speedo design, but I’m not complaining!


They are some very hot pics!

Define missing your incredibly erotic words to escalate them into something really arosing!