Pre-set Tags?

Hi! I was thinking a functionality that would be useful for me would be chapter stories auto-generating tags. It would be nice to set the tags for a multi-chapter story at the very beginning, and then add and subtract to that list of tags with each chapter.

Not sure how difficult it would be–and it’s not a problem now, just a thought of a functionality that would be personally pleasing to me.

Actually, it might also be a nice functionality to have a set of tags auto-generated on all stories–I write enough on familiar topics that it’d be easier to de-select than select each time. The option to choose “recurring tags” may make the submission portion of the process swifter for me.


I think that would be a good idea, if it wouldn’t be too challenging to set up. A set of recurring tags that are common in our stories. They could come pre-selected during the submission process but allows us to uncheck the ones not applicable and/or add other new ones. That would definitely speed up the process and make our tags more consistent, especially for submissions to an ongoign series or for authors who have more consistent story themes.