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While out with a friend this weekend (she’s straight, and republican). A friend of hers who is heavy into politics and homophobic, made this comment. I might be paraphrasing. You don’t get rid of homo’s by banning gay marriage. You get rid of homo’s by enforcing gay marriage. Homo’s should be locked up if they’re not married, home’s should be locked up if they get divorced, homo’s should be locked up if they cheat. I never heard this before, thought I’d share it, after seeing the thread on gay to straight conversion stories. I am a gay man in his forties and have heard many things. Is this a new form of homophobia.

This is quite disturbing. I always wonder why so many people have a problem that there are other people who have a different way of life and do everything in their power to destroy them.

Anyway, how did you react? Did that guy (I guess he’s male, you weren’t specific about that) know that you’re gay? Does your friend know?

And yes, this does belong here. Very much so!

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I was obviously shocked. I kept my mouth shut. The subject came up because Denise, made a comment about the upcoming marriage of a friend of ours. I inadvertently said that Steve and Pete deserved to have a nice day. Which is why this whole thing started. The guy (I won’t say his name, I won’t give him that power) was quite loud and pissed.

I say: He’s a closet case.

In Germany we have such a nice expression for that: “Klemmschwester”. Translates roughly to “uptight sister”.

Those guys are just so afraid of their own demons and leash out to suppress their own desires.

I notice that among politicians, the ones who seem to be the most outspoken and anti-gay tend to be the ones either hiding their own homosexuality or covering up another sexual indiscretion.

As far as dealing with people one-on-one, I think the best solution that I’ve heard is befriending people so that they have some kind of personal appreciation, and then coming out. The more people that know friends who are gay, the more tolerant people become. Did you hear the recent news that there are a group of Mormons arguing for tolerance of gay people? Social progress words slowly but it works. (I hope that news won’t invalidate all the cool Mormon stories here. :slight_smile: )

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It’s a form of hate pure and simple. Even if it’s sublimation directed at a group that you are a hidden part of. I do agree with nycboot where sometimes you also have to be as pro-active as you can to as a marginalised group. Just be yourselves. Most hate is born from fear. I hope this made some sense.

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