Problem. with the website's interface


for some reason, whenever I change pages in Gay Spiral, the page changes for the default Slate colors, I change to classic, and when I go to a different page it goes back to Slate, why is it happening? why it doesn’t stay on classic when I select it?

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I’m having the same problem. I find the slate layout harder to read, and I’d really like to go back to Classic as my default.

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I’m working on this, sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for telling me.

Should be fixed in the next hours.

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It is solved now, thank you

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Yep, it should be fine again.

I moved the GSS instance to another server, so the IP address has changed. If you can’t access GSS, shutdown your browser and try again. In worst case you might have to restart your computer to clear the DNS cache.

thank you

yes, I think it does fit in here

What do you mean?

You should see badges, they’re supposed to tell you which stories got high ratings. But it’ll take a while until badges are rewarded, that’s why you usually don’t see them on recently published stories.

But that there are badges on older stories is expected and actually the point.

Or is there some misunderstanding?

Oh, I see. Well, that would not be good, of course, especially since you’re not able to rate yourself in that case.

I’ll look into it!

Thank you for reporting this so quickly.

I would not have caught that in time otherwise and it’s been a serious issue. Because you couldn’t rate stories because of this issue.

It’s fixed now, you should be able to rate again.

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now I’m having a different one, the homepage of the website is not loading on my pc, although it is on the cellphone, but not updating

All of the home pages? I.e. neither nor is working for you?

What exactly is happening on your computer when you try to access those sites?

Anyone else having problems?

there ia a gray bar with loading more new stories, but it never finishes loading

Ok, GaySpiral is having serious problems. I’m about to fix that.

Thanks for notifying me!

gay cupid, kink and collar are working normally

Ok, this was a combination of some problematic code change and some people hitting GaySpiral quite hard with repeated requests (either a bot or an intentional DOS attack).

I’ve change the code and hope that it’s more stable now. Please don’t hesitate to write me at directly if one of the sites is having problems.

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I will

When I try to click on “forum” on Gayspiralstories I end up on a login failuere-page.

"Login Error

Account login timed out, please try logging in again."

If I then click on the header it leads to the forum without me having to login.


Yeah, I’ve just experiences the same thing. I guess it’s a hickup of the forum software. As long as it happens just once for each user, I can live with it.

It is not only one time. It happens everytime I try to access the forum through the menu on Gayspiralstories.

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