Random Ideas

I was just thinking of a post that one could use for the random ideas that one may have. Ideas that could potentially be made into stories but that at this time one might not want to develop further.

I will start. :slight_smile:

I just got the idea of a gentleman’s club where the straight male workers are tranced to not consider all the gay things they are doing. That upon clocking in they are happy, subby, needy good boys for their boss and cliente. They get a good wage for their work and the men who attend the club get access to some good boys. No pain (that is nothing major or scarring) or anything like that and so the place is able to safely operate.

The idea I had could be of a gay guy who gets job there as a worker and somehow remembers what is going on and so takes advantage of it slightly when it comes to say his friends or roomates who are tranced. Maybe the owner notices it but finds this very amusing and so instead of working to stop it he actually say mentors the gay guy.


Well, one area of stories you don’t see much on the site is martial arts type, so I want to write those types of stories. When I read your post an idea came to me. I thought of a Naruto-style world of ninjas where one ninja is using a technique to capture ninjas and build a army. I definitely have the image of the Pain-Naruto fight in mind. Since the site does have rules I don’t think I can do the whole piercing like Pain does, but definitely some sort of mind control technique just ninja style.

Equally I have a few ideas to write a few stories based on the Japanese Power Ranger shows. The Japanese series actually are a lot better than the US and have some serious story lines that are worthy to explore. This idea is especially something I’ve been thinking about this due to Ng5 and his finding pictures of Ranger type characters under control. I just have to wait for the time to write.

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The idea of specialized martial arts techniques being used as the method of achieving control of people is actually really hot. One could ‘manipulate the charka’ to create channels of submission and loyalty and improve the pleasure centers. hehe

Power Rangers (American version) was one of those shows that a) game me a heads up that I might be gay (I looked at Tommy, others looked at Kimberly) and b) maybe started my hypno-fetish and tight pants fetish considering how many monsters used mind control and how the putties wore tight pants. So Heroes being taken under the control of Villains and such is very much a sexy thing.

Speaking of the later, I always imagined how fun and stuff it could be if you have the Mentor figure use mind control to create his loyal team of agents. Like he could be the villain but he decided it might be more fun to make his own hero team that he could mold and send after his enemies and then fuck when they come back to base.

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I have an idea of an evil hypnotist who turns his innocent subject into some kind of malevolent man. But then the tables are turned as the subject wreaks revenge on the hypnotist.

I don’t think I use the whole pleasure angle; just straight submission and re-deploying them out in the field. I do have an idea to expand absman’s Cycle One story to include martial artists.

A lot of the Japanese Ranger shows use hypnosis as a theme; some even use it on the Rangers themselves turning them evil. Kamen Rider had an evil team made up of motorcycle riders to fight the hero. The Japanese source material was rather open to hypnosis.

That’s actually a brilliant idea. I’m going to try to write out a story based off of that idea (and write you in as the source of the idea).


I wanna try that story as well but it would be non-p.c. so I wouldn’t post it on GSS.

For some reason I know have in my head the idea of a Vampire-like figure that instead of feeding on blood feeds on sexual energy (both acts he is involved in and that going around him). So like he could seduce a single person and feed from them or he could walk through a sex party and get bits of energy from everyone.

I say ‘vampire’ because he is getting lifeforce from the energy of people and also because I would include a bunch of vampire-like tropes. So yeah, I know this is more like incubus/sucubus but vampire’s are cooler. hehe

I also had the interesting Halloween idea of four male friends investigating say the abandoned chambers under a library/museum/something uncover a mysterious statue. A bit of accidentally spilled blood from the four and the statue wakes up and reveals that he is a True Immortal and that the four are going to be his companions.


I like the second idea a lot! The first idea I don’t have enough information. A vampire sucks blood/life out of person and they either die or become a very dependent slave. But taking sexual energy…would that make the victims figurative eunuchs, or what? Something’s missing there.

Non political correct? Or what do you mean? YOu’ve made me curious. I hope people don’t see GSS as being PC… :wink:

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First idea

Well just like blood can be replenished I figure that sexual energy can also come back. That the energy isn’t a limited thing and so that one could feast on sex again and again and again over time. I mean tis is a random idea so I haven’t thought of all the nuances and stuff. hehe

Second Idea

This idea could have all sorts of things, straight to gay, fun sex times. Maybe even the idea that he lets them leave after say an initial orgy thinking nothing happened so that over the next week or so they start to have dreams of their master and themselves and he uses that to make them even more conciously his.

I don’t know. I just like the idea of a group of four best friends who go on adventurers together discover a supernatural being who makes them his. And all the erotic and such fun that results from that.

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Ok, so you’re thinking of the transformation. So now think of character. What happens to the protagonist and what happens to associated characters? Where do they start and how do they end up? I think that thinking of the character (rather than the transformation) can lay a solid foundation for a good story.

Well, this just a random idea so I haven’t figured out the greater plot or character dynamics or anything. Like what sort of world it is. What are the supernatural powers. What is going on. Etc etc. All those things would need to be developed before it became a story.

Though, thinking of this, I now have the random idea of an initial scene being one of the four having a dream showing him the events of the night he and his three best friends first meet and are taken by the True Immortal. He then wakes up just as he cums feeling the shock of it all.

I’m not a fan of telling the reader what’s going to happen, but you can lay the foundations and preparation for the reader to be surprised. If you have 4 guys, evidently you have 4 different tales to tell of their individual transformations. So maybe something like 1) slave; 2) attendant; 3) fucktoy; 4) lover - of course all of them are horrified at what’s happening to them but in their own ways each begins to love what they have been turned into.

Starting with a sex dream is not not telling the reader but starting with a nice fun show and giving them wonder and questions about what will cause that moment to occur. It could be that when the story gets to the sex scene stuff thanks to knowing about it our guy does something different, though equally sexy and stuff. Or there could be a twist. Like the dream shows something that looks like ‘fighting’ but when it comes to the moment it actually is a game or something.

I will say that it seems I am a bit ‘nicer’ in what I would do as I figure I would make all four equally the companions of the immortal. Like all four would be his, and each other’s, lovers and attendants and such. They would worship together and play together and serve together and be together and fuck together and exist together. The friendships they had as mortals would continue as companions to their new lord.

I should note, that I know me, and if I were to write this I would start asking myself questions of setting. What is the magic. What is the supernatural. Why was the True Immortal put to sleep. Why he is coming back now. What will his return change.

Well then, why do you need four guys? Four guys implies four characters - that’s a lot of work.

Well mostly because when I wrote the idea I was in the mood for five guys having sex. hehe

That said I could totally see something like two friends and the true immortal, so its a threesome. The idea being that our True Immortal is so powerful he needs to ‘mates’ or ‘companions’ to ‘balance’ him or something. That or for him to have lots of fun with.


I have this image of the evil Kamen Riders. I’ve always been partial to the rifle carrier and the way his red eyes appear through the lens of the sunglasses.

ooh. Bonus if not look daddy/dominant but more ‘cute’ handsome. Not specialized/fetish but in general but inside a seduction control machine?
Okay that’s more my thing but yeah, been awhile since that theme I remember an OLD one with a psychologist who did this with three subjects and the third, a former out of shape trucker he helped bulk and trim puts him in his machine and turns him into his hot boy.

Another, on MCstories, has a guy initially using the codeword sleep to make his ultimate dom and… well becareful what you wish for.

And on here one with a couple where the often called long distance husband gets multiple alternate personalities. the last, magister, overwhelms the hypnotist lacking the proper safety features. Got a little to violent/snuffy for me at the end.

Still would be nice controller or alterer trying to make a dom and the dom well ascends or whatever.

Where else is there?

Ah, White Court Dresden files fan, eh? basically same idea of incubus/succubi. the hunger, a spiritual entity attaches at birth/conception. It grows until their first sexual encounter (not even consensual) and unless of true love permanently bonds and drives the being to drain their lover dry.

powers include empathic aura reading/intuition (one discerns a wizard’s virginity despite his latin lover persona), projection of emotions (especially as favored, some prefer despair, others fear, the most dominant breed/family lust), storing life energy in reserves to supercharge it, making the ‘whampire’ grow more moonlit coldly beautiful.
Most white court are uncannily attractive just in looks and pick up skills and raised to similar appeal/grooming. They can also not just amp the stolen life energy for supernatural strength but also healing. some sort of shapeshift, making themselves MORE attractive, despairing, horrifying though because how the series works it could be a perception filter or actual change.

More info here

As for the statue…okay.

Okay THIS into

A four man band general is ‘easy’ to right. keep them simple and contrasting.

Second have them meet/see the statue. Then each goes home and then
each has a dream/encounter with the statue, maybe including a previous part victim. The dream starts either as a fantasy of their own, an at work dream. And the statue takes over it and includes itself and previous thrall.

It ends with them compelled to come to the statue after hours last day of display. They meet one guard and use skills/attitudes from dream to deal with him and then get close. Reality and dream blur and then admit here to give in/pledge. They do an orgy or at the witching hour he comes to life and then they make love to him.

Four frees him to leave the museum and they his boon companions though perhaps ‘adjusted’ as needed for his band/court and their dream with the guard now lowly catamite/thrall.

In DF they can die but feeding makes them addicts/thralls as draw up the emotion to feed on it.

Ahem, my idea

Well a variation on a recent transformation style from Creating Daddies and Twinks

Seducer/transformer makes men dominant. As is the middle age nigh impotent depressed, allergy ridden weenie becomes internally and externally more ‘daddy’ or dominant or just looses frailities. Its almost as if sucking them out of him. The ‘non manly’ or masculinity and absorbs to himself to more become soft, alluring, beautiful, weak, and fey while still sexual.

As in he controls by making people crave and want to ravage him and the more they do the more they develop and grow to the habit and soon changes them as a whole. In Creating someone feeds from a prepared daddy and changes him to burlier, hairier man sucking the more… soft/feminine twinkness out his tits. They become more twinkish and alluring to use.

here we reverse that. The more with the them the most wonderful it feels to more animalistically (or bdsm or something) use them. Each brings out the individual dom but the process someone directed by the nymph boy.

Muse of Domination?

The theme is them dealing with their change and perhaps slight denial they want to experience/enjoy being dominated and used and making such beasts but finding them more and more helpless and turned on solely by such beings.

A side effect they never ‘hurt hurt’ them because of the power of the empathic link. The more toxic and snuff or murderous elements seem to flatten.

Treats their twinkness and allure as a force much as increased masculinity.

His ‘hairy ones/satyrs/beastlies’ can if so inclined be with each other but the benefit is more like two bucks competing but no ‘doe’ to finish the claim. improve, only incrementally but risk ‘homogenizing’ picking up traits, interests, or drives from the one with
Each can as increases and accepts/grows as a dominant effect their own lives. They get that promotion, impress their wife as alluring and dominant figure (the gag where serial killer replaces husband… becomes irrestible/intensely appealling) What they wanted in life seems just more able.

Whether magic or ‘power of suggestion’ is a little ambigous the changes make sense. they HAPPEN. Office slut now into sexy leather underwear and bangs office cuck now the up and comer but was it because he just happened to trim, be confident and got to know how to turn her on or is he overwriting her persona or the ‘muse’ making it happen?

Yes the guys lose inhibition to man sex but retain previous interest… at first the more use the muse soon become single target and more extreme.

past a certain threshold they aggressively rut and use the muse but, well they control them as their lusts do and the muse is the center of their lust filled obsessed remnant of a mind.

Some become domination sexuals. aroused by those they can dominate, especially if overcome someone once ‘over them’ (brother, boss, Dinkleberg/Flanders, the principal that complains about their kid, the troublesome kid) with themselves getting masochistic aspect, aroused or given to fall to their domination/use, anticipating how can prostrate to show their lesserness drawing out more love of domination.

The submissives of beastly tend to be ‘alters’ or hidden. Muses beastly persona’s tend to foundationally change and build. Not hidden or flipped like a switch more growing underneath.

One image I have is dark almost twisted grotesquelt brutish or goonish beings going all out alike pounding river or ravaging wolves on a shining gorgeous figure always visible like moonlight or foam in the water or the glow of the sea. Only the more dark and “dominating” do the more the muse seem and the more alluring shining growing enchantingly beautiful from the experience. Maybe you want to join in become the dark tide, maybe save the figure, turns out choosing to do either is both.

No need for the muse’s dick to ‘shrink’ but not into bigger is best. more modest size but a perfect shape. Allure and beauty that grows from shedding and cultivating ‘ugly’ or brutish or dominating masculinity in others and a love of experiencing it. and spreading it.

A side effect of sleeping with the muse is that if initimate with someone else they seem instinctively accepted and often unsuspected or if so will be accepted for that. Even otherwise jealous or monogamous relations feel as if ‘an exception’ or ‘no concern’ or ‘a fun idea’

The muses ability to change things and ‘fortune effect’ fade if ‘given’ or take in masculinity, or undo an effect. Making them feel weaker, less attractive, more vulnerable and unsure. Its more like short term ‘short out’ than a total powerloss but can be scared to experience it.

Muse has a limited appetite, in general, they aren’t tirelessly hungry for more doms to make but can lose themselves in total beasts.

their effect can be automatic and random or directed, which involves a visionquest and forms a bond. They will know if one of their projects is adding submissives and can see the core and motives and reasonings of their desires.
They can surpress and enhance a recollection or feeling. Not remove or alter a memory. The feeling has to come from somewhere, themselves, the local atmosphere, the project, their projects target, someone else. And if its too alien or strong could be noticed and while effect the target in the moment not ‘keep’ or stick.

Muse can suppress their beauty but they themselves somewhat addicted to aggressive masculinity and sexuality. someone with strong repressed or active aggressive desires draws them and will feel almost gravitational or fated interest in them. The muse will draw this out of a person. They can usually decide if a one off or more general permanent ongoing alteration after they have ‘matured’ (ie done their first three projects). But new ones DO feel good. and likely need to have those first three until can mature the necessary control.

(Sorry just love brainstorming, I know not alot of sexy here though)