Real hypnosis/hypnotic experience?

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I’ve read some hot hypnosis/mind control stories on this site, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with hypnosis in real life (either in-person or online)? In any format - therapeutic, stage, erotic or other. If so, what was it like? Was it what you expected or was it different? If you haven’t been, would you?

Way back, I was friendly with a guy who developed a serious cigar fetish. That problem was that he didn’t like cigars. So he got hypnotized in order to conquer it. Subsequently he changed his look (he had kinky red hair, died it black and straightened it), lost a lot of weight, and really went in for cigars so much that he loved dangling them in his mouth even when not lit. I couldn’t believe it worked but he said in retrospect that it was clearly some “wall” he couldn’t conquer without help - and the hypnosis helped free him of his own constraints.


I’ve being doing hypnosis for fun for almost two years now (as a subject). I’ve had some great enjoyment with it. As a result of the stupid pandemic it’s been mostly online but I did recently get to play in person with a great guy who I’ve played with for a while and done some demos with.
In reality it’s very different to what is mainly written about here (and what I’ve written too). Really most hypnosis is a two way thing and involves both the hypnotist and the subject working together to have fun. It very seldom is a hypnotist taking control against their subject’s will (I don’t know how possible that is but I’ve leave others to talk about that). For me it’s me as the subject allowing myself to be guided into doing things that I want to do and experience. And yes some of them do involve loss of control but I’ve nearly always done this with people I trust not to abuse the situation and it’s been great fun and can also be quite arousing. I love the feeling of going into trance but I’ve also been hypnotized without going into trance first, just allowing myself to accept suggestions from my hypnotist.
If you’re thinking about being a subject then my advice is to be sure you know a lot about the person you’re going to play with. Have a long discussion with them at the very start about what is and isn’t acceptable and make sure they keep to those limits. If they break them then stop because if you can’t trust somebody then it’s not healthy and also it’s not likely to work because the more defensive you are then the less likely you are going to be to take on suggestions and allow somebody to play around with your mind.


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