Real Life Hypnosis Resources

I’ve been curious for a little while about trying hypnosis for a few reasons. I want to be able to focus better, but I also want to be less in my head during… fun partner time. Post-hypnotic triggers/suggestions also sound fun. A bit of googling around seems to indicate that my partner should be able to learn to hypnotise me (confirmed already that he’s interested in trying it), but I don’t know what resources to trust in terms of learning material or self-hypnosis.

I have a couple of things I would love some help with:

  1. What are some good “first time getting hypnotised” audios/videos? Right now, I don’t even know if I’m susceptible. I’m interested in both non-sexy (concentration, motivation) and erotic (gym bro, himbo) content.

  2. Are there some good sites that provide resources to teach hypnosis? A number of the sites I looked at read like they could have been written by a person or by ChatGPT, and I don’t know enough about the field to judge that yet.

My budget at the moment is… well, man just finishing a decade of full time post-secondary. That’s why I wanted to ask some knowledgeable people before spending even a few dollars.

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One of the best resources is the real-life hypnosis community itself. There are two Discords I’d recommend to get you started: Hypnolounge and Erotic Hypnocult. If you ask in either of those, members of the community will probably provide you with plenty of resources, or even help you themselves. I can’t point to anyone specific, but I’ve seen members teaching members in the past.

For your first time getting hypnotized, if you want to try getting there by a file, which is quite a popular method, I’d recommend:

  • Ultrahypnosis on YouTube. It’s a husband/wife team who put out a variety of videos ranging from beginner-friendly to self-help to domination type videos. So far as I’ve seen, it’s always one or the other doing any given video, so you can choose whether you prefer a male or female voice. You can tell which is which by thumbnail. Several of their videos are marked as “beginner-friendly”, but even among those that are not, many are geared towards straight-up becoming mindless and/or going deep, both or which are fairly simple, harmless things for beginners.

  • Nimja is another popular name in the dominance-oriented scene, though his videos on YouTube are fairly tame. He publishes not-so-tame videos on other sites, but I no longer use files much myself, so I don’t have a link anymore. Ask around and I’m sure lots of others will have a link.

Files are great for beginners because you can listen to them in advance and be sure that there’s nothing in the suggestions that you find problematic. On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if a file just doesn’t seem to be the right thing for you. For most, they work fine, but some people rightfully find that there’s no rapport with the hypnotist (for obvious reasons), which is a key element in hypnosis. If you find that as well, it’s something that’s good to know about yourself, but doesn’t mean you can’t be hypnotized; it just means you’ll probably do better with a live hypnotist.

As for susceptibility, the vast majority of people are susceptible to hypnosis, but like any new skill, it’s not unusual for it to take a few tries before you get the hang of it. So here again, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. Many in the community push back against the idea, but there are a few people who are low suggestibles. Even for them, though, suggestions will work once in a while, it just tends to be much less frequent and very random. Regardless of your susceptibility level, though, trance can be enjoyable in and of itself, and you may find that getting into trance for a little while before “fun time” may help you all on its own. It can give you a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation.


Thanks very much, I’ll definitely give those YouTube channels a look and then dive into the Discords once I’m feeling a bit more confident.

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