Recommend me stories? Dominant dad (incest) and mpreg ones

Gayspiralstories have a lot of great stories, but I have a problem looking for stories where the dad is the one who hypnotizes (the dominant/top one), instead of the son. I’m into all subgenres of hypnotism; reprogramming, transformation, brainwashing, hypnotherapy, etc, as long as the dad is the hypnotist.

Also, does anyone know mind control stories where the main theme is mpreg? Like a dude has the power to hypnotize and he also has a pregnancy kink.


As far as pregnancy, somewhat indirect is Brother-In-Law Christmas. (The resulting child seems really cute.)

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Stories involving incest when the dad is the dominant one, most of the time the son is young and at the beginning of his sexual experience.
For me it would be great when a father gets his son when he is messing around as an already big macho man. A cop/soldier who has no respect for his female (sex) partners. So his dad will show his macho son what is to be treated like a sex slut.


You know, there’s a serious lack of stories like that. Tell you what, I’ll write one for you! Are there other kinks you’d like to see?


Are you serious! Are you an author? Thank you very much!!

As for any other kinks, I’ve been looking for stories where the dom dude has a mpreg fetish? He likes to knock up boys, and then his addiction/kink starts to make his way into his son.

Hi, can you share an example of a story where the son hypnotizes the Dad? I don’t think I’ve ever read that, but it sounds like there are a few from what you write. Thanks.

For example:


I have one unfinished story that I want to put out at some point that has a Dom Dad as the hypnotist. If you’re on Discord, I’m willing to DM it to you or anyone else who wants it, but I won’t post it publicly because the idea behind the story is that you don’t know who the hypnotist is until the end, and framing it in a Dominant Dad context gives you far too many clues. :slight_smile:

A few provisos on the story:

  • The scene you’d like most is the final, as-yet-unwritten scene, so it may not be satisfying. I’ll describe the scene in text when sending the doc, though.
  • It’s not just the father and son…it includes a group of younger friends and their parents, all of whom are under the Tist’s control.
  • It’s slightly bisexual. I got tired of the usual excuses for writing women out, and it would be impractical for this story in any event. It’s limited to brief descriptions of female arousal, though, nothing too explicit.
  • It’s first-draft, so there’s likely some really rough spots.
  • It’s a Word docx, so you have to have something that’ll read those.

You can reach me on Discord at RobinHood70#3385.
(Edit: Holy crap…even when I think I’m writing a mid-length post, I write a massive post!)


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