Recommendations for mind-break stories on GHS

Hiya, I’d love some recommendations on some solid mind-break stories. There isn’t a tag available on the site for it so it’s hard to find stories that do it.

Basically, a mind-break story, at least the ones I’m interested in, is when the character being controlled gives up and genuinely submits to their fate in the end. They’ve been so defeated and humiliated that they accept this is their life and they are happy with it. The best mind-break stories are when it fucks them up so much they genuinely, through their own thinking, believe that they were born to sexually serve this person they originally despised at the start of the story. They were born to be this persons toy and they should have seen it from the start. They basically become deluded.

Mind-break isn’t the same as hypnotising someone into thinking those things or accepting those things, as their mind isn’t broken, it’s just hypnotised into thinking that. I think mind-break is more so about the natural result of particular forms of hypnosis and humiliation etc etc that lead them to give up on their own decision.

I can think of one or two stories that do this well, but I’d love to know any other recommendations if you have them!


@SlaveBoyJG’s stories come to mind. Especially his latest series.

But I see your point. I’d ask you go ahead and add such a tag yourself, to stories that fit that category. “Brainwash” is close, but it’s usually used for different things as well.

I’m not sure if I like “mind-break” as a tag, though. I agree it’s describing what’s happening, but it’s also quite violent and reminds me of what torturers try to achieve. But if you can’t come up with a better term, I could live with it, too.

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Oh nice thank you I mean used mind-break because I thought it was the actual term, I’ve seen it used in other sites to describe and tag the same thing. Whatever you think is appropriate though.

Oddly, I always thought brainwash, mindwash, hypnosis, mind control etc where just synonyms for the same thing haha

I’m curious to know what are the two mind break stories you have in mind.

Mind break is a stretch as I haven’t read them in a while sorry, I just remember that essentially happening in the end. these are two where the protagonist (pov-controlled) basically loses. You’ll often find the comments of people being very angry that the protagonist we’d come to life and root for still loses in the end, but those are the stories I love. Idk I think it’s because the tension and build up is there your heart is beating so hard and it makes you ache, I think it’s great writing.

Anyway, I’ve marked those two stories with the mind-break tag. :slight_smile:

I was thinking, I’d love to see a story challenge with this kind of theme. That way we’d essentially fill up the new tag and attract more people to the site who are specifically into that.

There are heaps of high quality, sexual comics that handle mind-break (I can send you some of my favourite if you’re interested), so I know it’s got a solid audience.

If we did a story theme where essentially the protagonist has to lose in the end, the one you’re rooting for, that would be fantastic.

  1. It’s a unique and interesting story challenge
  2. It will fill up the tag and attract new people to the site
  3. In my opinion, the best stories are the ones that make my Apple Watch tell me I need to calm down, my heart rate is too high. I always feel that way reading a well-written story where I am desperately rooting for the protagonist (the victim, pov-controlled etc), I hate the hypnotist, all I want is for the good guy to win and the bad guy to lose. And it is literally heart-wrenching when despite all of that, despite us getting to the very end, the protagonist still loses. Maybe there’s a compromise, maybe the villain didn’t get everything they wanted etc, but sometimes it’s hot when the villain wins.

This site is fantastic, but it’s filled with noble nerds mind controlling homophobic hunks. I’d love to see more stories of genuinely despicable, evil nerds mind-controlling genuinely nice, amazing hunks. It just makes the stories so much more exciting and on the edge of your seat. My favourite example of this kind of story where it toils with mind-break/defeat (defeat is when the good guy loses to the villain, but the difference between defeat the tag and defeat the noun is that the tag means the good guy is genuinely a good, noble person, and they lost to the bad, evil person) is The Con: A Jock Like Me by Blueseudewho. It’s fantastic and there were several Apple Watch heart rate notifications reading this series.

But yeah, just a thought!

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Domination of a quarterback is pretty close to mindbreak. Stimle has some stories similar to mindbreak, like the Joaquin stories. A lot of superhero stories are also mindbreak, like Plymouth58’s Green Lantern series, Super Sucker by Ethan White, and Mark Kent by clark.

Motivational Speaker, chapter 3 by Edlam is great in this category as is “The last temptation of Jesus” though that one might make you feel squicky.

Mindbreak is one of my favorite categories too if you cant tell

Oh, this is really interesting to me. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of mindbreak — I can enjoy it sometimes but it often tends to go too dark for my own tastes. But I love thinking about different people’s kinks and what makes us really tick, and why we get turned on by certain things… So I’ve thought about this type of kink/story a bit. I think that the horror element is vital. There’s something about this particular kink where it seems to take a lot of sensations our body associates with utter panic and horror and dread, and kinda twists them up so that those same reactions are plugged into an intense humiliating arousal too, at full blast.

The story that comes closest to this, for me, is Master of the House by Swizz. This story was way too dark for me personally and in some ways really upsetting. And that’s not a criticism — the story is very effective at what it’s doing (including giving me a high heart rate + desperately rooting for the bad guy to lose). Since mindbreak isn’t really my kink, it was too tough for me to handle. But it might be the sort of thing you’re looking for.

You might also like Anniversary Gift by The Influencer. However, I do want to note that both these recommendations omit the part where the person is ‘happy with their fate’ at the end — they give in and accept it, but more because they’ve been broken rather than because they’re overwhelmed by pleasure and lust. I wasn’t sure, though, if the ‘happy with their fate’ part is the important bit for you, or if it’s more about the horror-dread/pounding-heart vibe that you were describing in your second post.

You might also like Enforcer: Interrogation by Baralai, The Student Becomes the Master by Nicky Noxville, and Jerk by Lee. I’m not totally sure if those recommendations will fit what you’re looking for, but I mention them just in case. EDIT: Forgot to add the ebook for Hero Undone by Hugh Michelsen (aka MonsterMash62 on the site). I think this one will hit your buttons a lot.

(Oh, and as a bonus, one of the few ‘literal’ mindbreak stories on the site, which I think is not what you’re looking for but probably deserves mention anyway: Creature Features: Cynocephalus by Nicky Noxville.)

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The definition of ‘mind break’ as described by Asisasio in the opening post makes me a little uneasy, and I’m surprised no one has really pushed back on it yet in this thread. I’m not here to moralize, but what’s being described there is deep psychological trauma. This type of thing can and does occur in real life, and so it’s skirting too close to realism for me.

One of the key principles of this site is that it’s fantastical, and the events are portrayed in ways that are obviously unrealistic and unachievable. While it’s true that you almost certainly couldn’t ‘mind break’ someone just by hypnotizing them in real life, the idea that someone who has been subjected to so much trauma and abuse eventually snaps and comes to accept and love their abuser…yikes…too real, man.

Now, if you want to hypnotize someone in some unrealistic way to believe that they love the hypnotist, and to find their servitude a joyful thing - even something they were born to do - I can totally get on board with that. I write stories like that all the time. But the notion that they no longer even need to be hypnotized because they’re just so fucked up on some profound psychological level because of the horrific experiences they’ve endured…that’s something else entirely.

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, or maybe I’m misinterpreting the description in the OP, but I hope that doesn’t become a more common thing here, and I certainly hope it doesn’t become a story challenge, lol.

I dunno, it felt clear to me that they’re describing “unrealistic situation of fantastical control which overwhelms the character” and not, like, realistic abduction and torture scenarios lol. Especially because the story they listed as a favorite example is The Con by bluesuedewho, which is about as zany and unrealistic as you can get.

But I guess I read them saying “the character being controlled” as implying “unrealistic magical control” because that’s just all the stories on the site… I dunno. Plus the example story they listed…

I also read their initial post as trying to articulate something that is hard to pin down and describe for them. Aka, I took the post as a first effort at capturing a particular kink sensation in words, and one which might be incomplete in some ways. Few of us understand our own kinks so well that we can articulate them perfectly on a first try (or even a hundredth). Their later posts, and particularly the bit about heart rate, felt like it gave me a better sense of what they’re hoping to describe.

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These are the parts of the OP that stuck out to me. To me, the implication of this is he’s looking for an outcome where there is no hypnosis/mind control involved anymore. The person has become so psychologically damaged that their desire to serve is coming from a form of stockholm syndrome, rather than anything hypnosis-derived.

It’s possible I am mistaken. I haven’t read the story he mentions by Bluesuedewho. I’d be interested in perusing these comics he referenced that feature ‘mind break’ to get a better idea of what we’re talking about here.

Not that it really matters what I think, and I’m not here to judge anyone. I just found it peculiar that no one seemed bothered by the description in the first post, which quite clearly states that he wants to see stories where hypnosis/mind control is no longer necessary to keep the person enslaved, which seems to go against the spirit of the site to me.

Ah, I could definitely see that interpretation — I realize I assumed that his initial description was inexact and missing some pieces, since his later examples seemed to be talking about something distinct and different. For example, when he says “I’d love to see more stories of genuinely despicable, evil nerds mind-controlling genuinely nice, amazing hunks” it led me to assume that mind-control is a required component of how the kink works. I guess we’ll need to see what Asisasio says once he’s able to clarify for us…

I’ll add that I think the comics he’s referring to are “ahegao” manga? Which is also nicknamed as “mindbreak” sometimes. Pretty much, in these comics a guy gets so overwhelmed with pleasure and by being sexually dominated that he goes :hot_face: and realize all he wants to do is serve and get fucked by the guy who dominated him. It’s also associated with a specific facial expression. Hotcha is an artist who does a lot of these, for example. Here’s a single page of his stuff that kinda demonstrates the “ahegao mindbreak” idea succinctly… (Warning, it is very graphic. ) (EDIT: This is also the sort of thing that happens in The Con by bluesuedewho, more or less.)

I don’t know if this is specifically what Asisasio is referring to, so I could be assuming incorrectly. But the trope does seem distinct from stories where the protagonist is oblivious to how they’re being hypnotized and changed (which, to be fair, is a lot of stories on the site, so I can see why Asisasio would want to clarify that’s not what they’re looking for). What Asisasio describes seems to require the protagonist having awareness of how much they’re being messed with by the bad guy — but they’re still unable to stop themselves from giving in, even so. I feel like a lot of your stories hit that trope really well, Swizz, which is also why I also recommended “Master of the House” to Asisasio right off the bat. I hope that makes sense.

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It is a rather interesting category hahah

Thank you so much for your recommendations, I’m reading hero undone right now.

You essentially nailed what I’m looking for, nearly every story you recommended I’ve got as favourites. I read anniversary gift just after I made the original post for this a few days ago. Master of the house and Jerk I also love and are some of my favourite stories.

Sincerely, thank you.

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Haha no your ethical complaints towards me are valid, I often question if it’s okay for me to find those stories hot.

However, I would like to stress that brainwashing through torture and abduction and drugging and such, just simply isn’t a turn on for me.

Jack Parker is a fantastic writer, and I enjoy his stories for sure. However, there aren’t really any “hypnosis” elements to it. From what I’ve read, it seems like the protagonist is literally just being drugged to be super horny, getting raped and then they find out they love it. The antagonist (who eventually becomes good in some stories) even justifies why what they did was okay, because “you enjoyed it” basically.

I’m not dismissing his stories or dissing anyone who reads them, I even support him on Patreon because he’s such a skilled writer. My point is more so around the fact that that is essentially “mind-break” through devices of torture (drugs and such), and it doesn’t really get me going haha. Also I do get uncomfy with the notion that it feels a lot more like sexual assault than the other stories on this site too.

So yes, I can confidently say I am not into torture and that kind of thing. Your story, master of the house, was fantastic btw, and reminded me greatly of this kink.

I do apologise for not really being able to place it, it’s only now, reading all this, that I think I have two seperate kinks that are very similar and I incidentally confused as one.

I have no idea what to call them haha. Idk maybe “mind-break” and “heart-wrenching” or “mind-break” and “hero’s defeat” or “villain victory”


Bro you are my king, you essentially nailed the situation. Thank you for taking the time to read further and try and make sense of my clearly non-sensical babbling.

I can’t really name or place these kinks, I just know the feeling I get when I’m reading stories. That feeling is my heart rate monitor on my watch telling me to calm the f down. There have been stories where I’ve had to take walks because the tension is so great and I can feel my heart beating so hard, I genuinely think I might go into cardiac arrest hahaha.

These are all the stories that had my heart rate racing:

The Reluctant Slave - Bit of a long one but definitely had your heart racing and rooting for the victim.

Milking the Manotaur - this is a hero-villain one that is unfortunately an unfinished series, but the first chapter gives it so much potential my heart rate was racing, excited to see the manotaur fall despite his best

Andy’s Toys - described by the author as a twisted tale, I indeed was praying Andy would win but also insanely turned on when despite all, he lost. Idk maybe I’m a psycho for being turned on by that idk I’ll figure that out with a therapist.

The Paladin Falls - I think what turns me on most about this is that when he falls, he doesn’t just quietly accept it, he verbally and emotionally declares that he has fallen and he is weak and he is a willing sexual slave and sheds all his last achievements.

Daddy Knows Best - I mean, McBrain absolutely nails heart-wrenching stories and this is definitely one of them.

Can I Suck Your Dick? - this is a great example of mind-break, where the bad guy is actually the one whose mind-breaks. I still think it’s hot though because they go from homophobic southern burglar to obedient cock hungry hunk and they do it with a slow burn and you see the victims mind slowly morph into what they become. I love it :slight_smile:

My Best Friend Todd and Happy Daze - two stories from two different authors that I found very hot because you very much felt for the victims and you had to witness them justify their perverted doing and thoughts as they were serving these despicable men.

There are a fair few more, unfortunately I don’t have time to list them as I have to go to work haha. I will list the comics I was talking about earlier as soon as I can :slight_smile:


Oh goodness, mindbreak is generally too dark for me. Reminds me of a story I read on GayDemon not too long ago (looks as though the story was discontinued, no new chapters in a year or so).

Anyway, guy is abducted to a sexual torture prison place because he did terrible things that are alluded to but never specified. They do very bad things to him. He slowly bonds with the guy in the next cell who eventually opens up and explains what he did to wind up there.

Long story short, he kidnapped a straight guy that he was obsessed with and tried to mind break him. He tried heavy impact for a month, electro, edging all to no avail. He finally got mad and put the prisoner in complete sensory deprivation for a month. He describes how the prisoner pitifully tried to engage him for the first several days before going dead silent. He left him in sensory deprivation for the rest of the month anyway. When he emerged he was a husk of person, but he was finally totally compliant. Haunted by his soulless eyes and mindless obedience, he trails off before admitting how it ended but we suspect the worst. He then picks up trying to explain how he was doing charity work to try to atone when he was abducted.

And now the captors are subjecting him to everything he did to his victim. So at the time the story dropped off, he was completing the end of his month of heavy bondage. Next would be a month of edge torture, and then finally a month of complete sensory deprivation presumably followed by execution.

Like I said, too dark for me!

Okay damn that is too much for me as well. Like that sounds like straight up torture and yeah. No that’s not what I mean when I say mind-break haha