Replacement for Tumblr?

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to go for good pics, gifs and videos? I’m trying to find a replacement for Tumblr and I would love some suggestions!

Permit me to take a broader view of your question. Were you around 2000-2004? At that time was the big site to use for non-PC images. But as more users began to use them, they got so big they had to delete the offending pics and warn against posting such material.

Think for a moment: What is the goal of such a website? It’s about gaining money - about finding a way to monetize what people put on the website to attract advertisers so that the website owners can eventually sell the website for a handsome profit. You should never think that a website is about fulfilling your needs. It’s about fulfilling the owners’ needs (money).

Now step back and look at all the sites that have been and currently are catering to those who want to store images. It’s always in a company’s interest to increase the number of users. The more users a site has, the more the site can monetize by selling advertising. But most advertisers don’t want their products to be associated with hardcore imagery. The only way a site could manage that would be to hide by default all the imagery that would be posted. But if they’re trying to attract advertisers, what would be the point of that?

The bottom line is that in the current environment there will never be a website that can host non-PC images and embrace long-term survival. I knew this already when Fotki was still viable, so I downloaded every photograph I liked. Nowadays I copy from Tumblr what I like, knowing that someday Tumblr will also restrict imagery.

What’s the long-term strategy? It seems like some membership sites accept that kind of imagery (I’m thinking of Recon) but with the caveat that you have to have the right to post the image (that is, you took it yourself). Short of that, what we’ve seen with Fotki and what we’re seeing with Tumblr will just be repeated until people get tired of reposting their images to the next website that temporarily allows them to be posted.

I’ve been using but there is plenty adult stuff on Twitter (they do allow adult only content)

I use Bdsmlr and so far its pretty cool,

I suggest Twitter. Its not perfect, and there’s a lot of shitty stuff there, but most of the gay porn artists migrated there after tumblr imposed its new censorship rules. You’ll definitely be able to curate a great feed with lots of pictures and videos (nsfw and/or normal) very easily. You can follow celebrities, pornstars, artists, etc, and there are not many restrictions as to what can be posted there