Request: Leave old story up when story is edited

The title pretty much says it. Is it possible to continue to show the previous version of a story after an author submits revisions? Or, perhaps it could be optional (for minor mistakes vs. the author realizing there’s something so wrong that the story should be hidden until it’s fixed).

Hi Robin,

if you’re doing a major rewrite and you want your story to be listed at the top page again, you can resubmit it. I’ll delete the original, if you ask me to.

For minor changes, the story will be hidden, until I reapprove. You’re right that it might be better to leave the old version visible until I reapprove the story, but that would be a major rewrite of Hugh’s mechanics.

I’ll put it on the list, though. Feel free to remind me in case I’ll forget it.


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Oh! That’s a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it way back when and done it that way :frowning:

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