Restraint Boy Dream Comes too True

(originally sent to Ethan aka Kinkypupecho)

Inspired by a very NSFW manga Restraint Boys (even has underaged/shota elements but this not really key or necessary and also why not linking)


Follow’s Kinkypup’s suggestion guidelines.

What: Schlubby guy wakes up. Familiar tingle and tension of arms or something like restraints, wonders if dreaming or fantasizing, frustrated he knows if awakening must get up and can’t indulge or never get to enjoy the stability of nonhomeless/poverty. Realizes IS restrained in a ways only pictured or heard, its familiar but different and then he here’s a voice a dom’s voice, HIS dom’s voice but not what he affects when he risks being audible in his rented bungalow, his eyes focus and the smells hit him along with the sight of someone he’s seen from his day to day life. Attractive, sure but He’s a dom. Knows he wants this and can apply this? He seems so different but… oh so exciting and the way these fit and feel. Their effect piggybacks on guys own longing and then to the surprise invader and to his own need/desire and oppurtunity of this surprise play with anxiety about timing and needing though wishing not to leaveimage.png
Why: I like the idea of the slave making their master in a way. And the sudden setup from the comic strongly illustrated it. Establishing a bond of the violator from their life and the vulnerability from their own curiousity and desire and having that fulfilled and played out. Ultimately revealed the restrainted boy made/enticed/programmed the Domm persona into their neighbor/acquaintance who themselves might have had something akin to that (maybe even darker suspecting his perverted/faggot nature and giving into darkness made him the masochist’s slavetop)


How: Really been emphasizing setup and execution being key more than, I suppose exact result. Maybe in the end the dom has been implanting the desire. Maybe both are victims of an experiment. Perhaps a friend/ or M/S finder or ‘matchmaker’ that took one person’s interest in submission with sny people who are close to them another’s want to attack them and made him into more masochist and the dom into a sado-kun or perfect top. Maybe the masochist put in that request on matchmaker. Or its their power. The more restrained they are/feel the more they project their ideas and desires to seed and take root around them. One time they discretely wore and restraint and it amplified enough to snare and root and permenantly connect the two with the maso piping the persona into the soon to be dominate. And the Dominate acting to restrain the mazo to more directly control the projection, maybe to regain control over/life/self desire. Could be as simple as a new system of put in a desire and penny a day for fantasy fulfilled. then the subject who will fulfill the fantasy see’s a want ad and then selects it for the money and then… the system takes over adjusting things in direct ways to one and subtle ways to the other to let the Restrained get the full experience with the results… well what would excite you?