RP stories

So over the last few months I’ve discovered that what I thought what is meant by RP is no longer what it means.

Basically, as far as I knew, when someone said RP they meant a system of in character writing. “I caress your face.” Which is why I stayed away from it, and would always say no when somebody asked about it. I find that creepy.

BUT now when someone says “hey lets RP” it’s basically collaborative story writing. Yes a character might say something like “I want to fuck you”, but it’s character A saying it to character B and not the other writer who’s saying it.

My question is when did the whole definition change? And is the new definition basically so widespread as to be common? If that’s true then it’s entirely a cool thing now and not something that’s cringe worthy to be asked.

So yeah, I was just wondering where you guys opinion on this is.

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@Heru_Kane - The definition didn’t actually change. Both types of RP have been around since basically forever. But I think they have their roots in different things.

The first-person kind of RP that you’re talking about is thinly-veiled cybering. Nothing wrong with that imo, but it’s not exactly high literature. It’s done purely to get one’s rocks off and probably has its roots in bedroom roleplay.

But the “other definition” of RP that you’re talking about has existed pretty much ever since writers on the internet have had access to message boards and forums. And you’re right, it’s an exercise in collaborative story telling. One person writing about a story from one character’s point of view and the next person continuing the story from their character’s point of view.

It’s like playing D&D, but focusing entirely on the narrative aspects of the game (i.e. it’s D&D without the dice rolling and game rules, just pure creative writing). It’s done in first person and in third person, and is a pretty great way to flex your writer’s muscles. If you’re interested in finding a place to do stuff like this, might I suggest Iwaku Roleplay?


There are different styles of roleplay. Anything works, as long as you and the partner are happy with the style. Mainly, you would be looking at 1st or 3rd person RPs. So perhaps you might see something like…

Person 1: “Keep your eyes on my spiral, boy…” I sing to you, swinging the shiny crystal back and fourth.
Person 2: “Yes Sir” I reply, my eyes locked to the spiral, unable to focus on anything else.

Versus some 3rd person action, where Person 1&2 assume the roles of characters…

Person 1: “Keep your eyes on my spiral, boy…” Kevin sang, swinging the shiny crystal back and fourth.
Person 2: “Yes Sir” Jese answered, his eyes locked onto the spiral, unable to focus on anything else.