Search Issue

Been having an issue recently where searching by tags delivers results in non-chronological order. Selecting the recent first then removes the tag search.

The default order is “by relevance” to your search criteria.

You can switch to a chronological listing by clicking on the “Published” header (and a second time to flip the order). I just tried that, and it kept the tag search so I don’t understand what you mean with “select recent first”?

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When i search the tag “cock growth” initially, as you say, the results are sorted by relevance. When i change sort order by tapping Published, the results are no longer all tagged with “cock growth”

That’s really funny. It seems to be related to that specific tag “cock growth”. With that tag the systems seems to find a HUGE amount of stories which don’t even feature that tag.

Only because of the “sort by relevance” you wouldn’t see that right away. But there are way too many hits, and many of them don’t have the tag. Which becomes apparent when sorting by anything else.

Other tags I’ve just tried don’t seem to have that problem. But if you find another tag with the same behaviour, please let me know. If I find the time, I’ll look into that really strange issue.

Thanks for telling me.

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I’m relieved it wasn’t just user error on my part, haha!

Thank you for the quick response. If I see it with other tags, I’ll let you know.