Searching for M/M Soldier tf

Does any one know where I can find stories or any type of content with male on male soldier transformation? Like a soldier turning a guy or a random man turned in to a soldier, he could also be turning in to one of those green army men.

Could you be looking for this story: Army boi? It’s a story that fits your description. I myself want to expand its world.

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Actually I’ve posted the topic mainly because I already did read this one and a few others that were scattered around here, this is a really nice one but I wanted something with more content, when I started to get interested it ended.
Question: what do you have in mind for a story in this setting?

I’m thinking of taking the story along the lines of the soldiers passing their sperm and the transformation on through protein powder. They largely market their product to Alex Jones and Andrew Tate-style circles.


That could be really interesting… imagine them going to a podcast to go get “free sample” to the host and the viewrs.
Or even doing the self help cult kind of thing, only they use it to spread even more and make new soldiers.

You’ve probably seen these already, but just in case:

The Bulldawg Maker

Bulldawg Unit parts 1 & 2

You might enjoy my story, “The Recruit”:

And the writer Warhawk at the now defunct Male Transformation Blog did quite a few stories with a military theme, mostly bodyswaps: