Searching for Stories


The site has a powerful search engine that allows you to find stories by the tags, that were associated with the stories, as well as using a full text search of the stories’ contents.

You can start a search by clicking on the image button in the menu on the top.
Hare an example of a specific search request:

As you can see in this example, it’s possible to enter a search text, a category and some tags at the same time. In that case, only stories which contain the text entered (in this case ‘hardon’) and are in the selected category (‘transformation’) and finally are also tagged with the selected tags, will be returned.

Of course it’s possible to fill just one or two of those fields. All the filled in conditions are checked, only stories which match all of them will be shown.

Search Text

This is a full text search over all stories. The following properties of the stories will be searched for any word you enter:

  • The story itself
  • The story’s title
  • The story’s summary
  • The author’s name

If any of the words you enter can be found in either of these, the story will be listed. If you want to search for an exact term consisting of multiple words, you have to wrap them in quotation marks.

huge dick
will list all stories which contain at least one of those words anywhere in their text.

"huge dick"
only lists stories which include the exact term “huge dick”.

Prepending a word with a + sign makes sure that this word has to be in the story. Vice versa, prepending a word with a - sign excludes its existence

+musk +horny -stink
lists all stories which contain both the words musk and horny, but not the word stink.

You can also use this to exclude certain words from category or tag search:

Selecting the the category pheromone and also entering the search text
-shit -fart -stink
lists all stories about pheromones, but excludes the stories containing any of the words shit, fart or stink

It’s possible to explicitly specify where to look for a specific term: in the stories’ title by prepending name: or in its summary by prepending summary:. the prefix author: will also work soon (not right now).

lists all stories which contain the term six-pack in their title (the quotes are required because of the dash between six and pack)

Other advanced features:

  • wildcards like ? or *
  • Regular expressions
  • Fuzzy search
  • Boolean and grouping

Full documentation of the search engine’s features


If you select a specific category from the select box, only stories which belong to that category are listed. If you want to get all stories regardless of their category, select All categories.


To enter a tag, just type ahead in the “Search Tags” field. The system will display any existing tags that match your input and you can select from those. It’s not possible to enter a tag that doesn’t exist (because a search for an non-existing tag would be futile). Separate tags with a comma ( , ).

To get a list of all the existing tags available for search, click on the image button.

The button image controls whether the search only accepts stories tagged with the exact tags as entered or if stories tagged with similar tags are also accepted. Which tags are considered “similar” (also called ‘aliases’) can be seen in the tag selection dialog. They are marked with a small symbol and when hovering the mouse over such a tag, all ‘similar’ tags are shown in a pop-up:


If you enter more than one tag, you can use the button image to control whether you want the search to show stories even if they are just tagged with one of the entered tags (“Match Any Tag”) or if they have to be tagged with all of them (“Match All Tags”).

Be aware that this still honors the “Find similar tags” setting. So if you use “Match All Tags” while “Find Similar tags” is still selected, the stories will have to match all of the tags, but for each tags their respective aliased are also accepted.

You can change and fine tune your search settings as often as you want and a click on one of the image buttons will update the list of results. It doesn’t matter which of those buttons you press, they all do the same! The result will always consider all the entered search criteria.

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Is there a way to search based on word count? I love the posting of word counts lately, and the red highlighted numbers usually spark excitement and anticipation when I see them.

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Nice to see that there are people interested in longer stories, too (for many it’s the opposite). But so far there is no filter or way to search for them.

I wouldn’t rule out that I’d add something like that.

Bye, Martin

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Search and tags Seem to be down. Any attempt to use tags or search for story name just bring you to a page that says does not exist.

I’ve rearranged many URLs today and the search got broken because of that. It’s fixed now. Thanks for notifying me!

I would like to comment that stories posted with both the pov-controller and pov-controlled tag doesn’t help anyone. if you use both then its like using neither as no information is gained.

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I partially disagree with you, Heru_Kane, in that I think there are some stories which do genuinely alternate between showing the POV of a mind controller and the POV of a controlled character. However, a lot of authors are misusing these tags because they don’t understand what they mean. Similarly, an alarming number of authors who use the “2nd person” tag are actually writing their stories in the 3rd person.

Please fix those faulty tags whenever you see one!

That’s one reason why tags can be edited by anyone!