Sex Games

Now that I got you here with the click baity title I will explain what I mean. Which is the idea of a series set in a VR MMO game where things happen that lead to the players either gaining mind control capabilities or they are the ones being targeted by others who gain said abilities. Such a game could be how it was designed or maybe the game was designed to be normal but it was hacked and now it has the sex activity in it.

Maybe those who go the Dominance route gain access to a certain set of abilities while those who go the Submissive route get another, and a third set exists for those who can be Balanced. A dominant could be a top or a bottom, it just means they have to be in charge, while a submissive could also be a top or a bottom, its just that they are taken advantage of. Maybe the powers of a submissive are designed to aid their dominant, to increase the pleasure, and to make it all more fun.

A nifty idea could be that if there were multiple stories every Power written up become part of a greater collective of powers that any writer could use for their own stories, maybe with adaptations and such to make it more personal.

Honestly, I just wanted to share the idea and see if there is any interest in doing something like this.

Sounds very intriguing… As well as a story or a thing to actually experience :smile:

Yeah this whole idea of the fun one can have with VR MMO intrigues me. Now I personally want to look at it from the hypotist pov but I totally can see how it could be fun to be the one subject to change through the game’s manipulation. The really cool thing is that because it is a VR environment nothing really hurts so more harmful activity can take place in the process of the change. Or, imagine that the game can modify the sense of time for a person, so you have a person in say a dungeon scene who thinks they were imprisoned for weeks while its been an hour in the real. That sort of things can cause fun.

But I also imagine a scene where a guy is made to think sitting on his knees head in another man’s lap is a aiding them in investigating crimes.

I’m sure in a couple of years, VR gear will allow you to experience virtual sex in a way that feels amazingly real.

For now we have to dream about it, and for that such a story arch sounds great.

Maybe we could make a story challenge out of it?

I think it would be kind of awesome to have a story challenge with this theme. hehe

I do like the idea that elements in one story in the concept can be used in others, creating an ever growing list of abilities and powers. But the cool thing is that due to it being a VR sort of thing you could have fantasy or medieval or modern or super or cyberpunk or …

We could maybe create a company that is most famous for being the one to come out with the system and such - making a single set of hacking the common method of doing it.

I don’t know the details all I know is that I just like the idea. hehe

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Funny you should say that … I just wrote that story except with transformation and slime rather than MC

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While the real life ending is something that I’m not a fan of the ebent in the game are pretty hot.

And yes, this is basically what I was thinking about, minus the physical transformation in the real.

Thanks for sharing the story though!

As an additional thought for this thread we could always come up with some character powers.

Here are two ideas i want to discuss.

Identify - At base this power lets the user see the sex, gender, and sexuality of the target. At higher levels it might even show certain fetishes the user has and at even higher levels it will show traits (which could be positive or negative).

Manipulate - A power that lets one manipulate the traits of a person, such as say sexuality or fetishes or whatnot. At low levels the effects are transitory but at higher levels the effects become permanent. People doing things under the effect of an altered trait find their actions as acceptable thanks to magic.

As i saw on various forums, these kind of sex addicted people are getting more and more in our society. I do not know why does it happen. However this kind of a phenomenon is present. And there are video game developers that ignore this factor and others that try to satisfy this audience. I am actually not that addicted to this subject (at least i am not awaiting to find sex in any game), however i would like to find a game like gta with some of these features, and not only get a shaking black screen. I saw someone working on a game which would have the sex thematic as the basic one. He wanted to make it an online game, and as a server hosting service to use I do not really know if it would actually be released, but let’s just wait.

This will always be very intriguing to many, and to me personally. Experiencing some difficulties in sexual terms (the reasons may be different-a toxic relationship or an emotional barrier), people strive to satisfy their sexual needs in a different way. It’s enough for someone to play sex games.
For me, the idea of replacing real girls with sex dolls is more appealing, why not? They are so submissive and realistic. I ordered my first baby girl at I’m thrilled. Yes, I am an egoist, I only think about satisfying myself.
But as for me, it’s much better than a toxic relationship and constant quarrels.

Great story as usual, topaz172. It’s writing like this that made you my fantasy crush when I was in my late teens and early 20s… and to be honest, you still are.