Short Writing Tutorial

So another author on the site e-mailed me and wanted some general advice on how to write uniform/clothing fetish stories that would “make the putting on of clothes sensual.” This is the advice I gave him, and I’m sharing it with the forum, because I put some time into writing this, and I think more authors might find it helpful:

Let me write a quick passage to show you how I’d try to make clothing fetish stuff erotic. I’m not actually into rubber, but here’s how I might write a erotic rubber story:

Ron picked up the strange pair of black rubber briefs. They felt weird in his hands, all slick and clammy. It gave him the creeps. So why couldn’t he stop touching them, stroking them?

And after a moment, he couldn’t help wonder what it would feel like to wear them. To have that slick, cool rubber caressing his dick and balls. It couldn’t hurt to just try it on for a moment. Could it?

Ron quickly pulled off his clothes and tried on the strange briefs. He gave a little gasp as he felt the clammy black rubber sliding over his crotch. Holy shit! These things felt amazing! Like strong hands gripping his dick and balls and ass, encasing them tight. They made him feel somehow… secure. Secure in his manhood. Secure that this is how he belonged.

Moving over to his bedroom mirror, Ron admired how the tight black rubber framed his ass and crotch. He turned around to get a good look at his muscular glutes, which somehow looked even firmer and rounder in their glossy black package. And speaking of packages… He could see a big one jutting out from the front of his briefs. And even though he was normally so shy about these things–he usually wore baggy boxers just so people couldn’t see his goods on display–Ron felt strangely proud of the visible hard-on he was getting in his tight black briefs. So what if everyone could see it? That just made him feel more manly.

Alright, so in those four paragraphs, I used a combination of strategies. I had some adjectives describing the tactile sensation of the briefs (“slick…clammy…cool”). I had some visual descriptions, including a mirror scene, where we could get a clear picture of what the briefs look like and what Ron looks like wearing them. But I interspersed these with depictions of how Ron’s attitude and personality changes while wearing them. And to me, that part is the most important. You could actually leave out the more overtly sexual imagery if you’re uncomfortable with it, but you need some sentences describing how the character feels like a different person in the new outfit. And I think it’s sexiest when it feels like the outfit itself is taking control of him (as in these paragraphs when Ron starts off disgusted by the rubber, then curious, then desiring it completely).


All right, if the uniform element didn’t send flags, I’ll do the unveiling right here; I’m the author that asked Hypnothrill for help with this. I’m truly grateful that he gave this advice and that he is posting it up for everyone to see. I was looking at scholarly articles about clothing and uniforms and this definitely fits with the “innerness of desire” concept that one piece talked about. But it has been a big help to speak with Hypnothrill. Grazie, maestro, grazie mille.


I know it can take time, but if you just read a variety of authors on this site, you’ll get a very nice variety of different ways of approaching matters like this. Particularly with prolific authors, their writing technique is established: You can be pretty sure they know how they want to achieve particular effects.

One piece of advice you always hear is: “write from experience.” Have you never had an insane love for an object or an idea? Just imagine yourself going through the gradual buildup to where you recognize that you love the object and that it gives you a satisfaction that’s beyond the usual.

Just think back to your life’s experiences and convey that in words. :slight_smile:

Definitely appreciate the support and advice, I can envision the idea of the uniform being sensual and erotic, just didn’t know how best to do that. But in looking at what I’ve written I think I’ve got it.

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