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I was just thinking that we should have a place where the history of the site could be shown so that those who have been here long can reminiscence and those that are new can understand its history.

Now, if I am not mistaken, it all started with a guy whose name was Tom who created a website called Tom’s Erotic Hypnosis/Mind Control Story Page, a site which technically still exists.

He then created a second website to more organize his stuff, but I don’t think it ever became anything major.

Then he created what was then the NCMC site, the originating predecessor of what we have now. NCMC stood for Narcissus Cursed Men Collection site.

Now here is where I am not sure. Was there someone after Tom but before the one who goes by MonsterMash62 here on the forums. (Pardon me for a lack of an actual name, I don’t want to assume to say it.)

I can say that at least after him there has been one more change of leadership - to that of Martin, He is currently the one in charge, set up the forums and also established a patreon so that its not all on him (which makes sense)… We owe so much of its new features and advancements to him.

At some point NCMC was lost as a domain name and became rebranded as Gay Spiral Stories, yet despite that the point and purpose and even many of the stories from before remain here now.

And that is the story. So far. Because the future has yet to be written!

I personally have been present, though mostly in a non-speaking position, from back when it was simply Tom’s personal website. I remember back then I was new to it all and would hop onto the site, read a story quickly, then click off worried. Now, well not so much, as now I even write said porn with no issue. hehe


I think it could be a broader story.

I came on only during the NCMC period. But I found this site because I was a regular reader of At one point the gay stories started diminishing and I complained to an online friend. He was the one who introduced me to NCMC. Then someone introduced me to TSA - the Transformation Story Archive - which still exists as an archive but has not been added to in several years. So all these sites are indirectly related to one another.

I’m definitely interested in us recording all the various histories that brought us here.

Tom is still part of the admin team and is very active in approving stories. But other than that he doesn’t participate much, he’s never written in the public area of the forum as far as I know.

If you’re interested in getting his view on what happened history, you can try to contact him using the forum PM system. His account goes by the name @tjw0673 and if you write him, he should get an email notification.

Around 2015, Hugh Michelsen, who goes by the name of @MonsterMash62 here in the forum, took over after NCMC vanished. I don’t have much background on what happened back then, but maybe Hugh or Tom can share something about that.

He has created this site from scratch, using a backup of the NCMC story archive to start with. He’s put a tremendous amount of work into it.

In September 2017, Hugh made the decision to look for someone else to take over. I offered to try it, as I’m a programmer and love to tinker with stuff. And I was always very fond of both NCMC and GSS. As a matter of fact, I was not reading many erotic stories on the web at all, NCMC was the first site that got me going and made me realize that I have a thing for hypnosis and mind control stories.


Here a link to the first iteration of GSS as archived on the Wayback machine:

By the way, is the internet, and especially this site and the forum, very slow for you, too? I’m not sure if it’s just a problem with the internet connection over the Atlantic, a problem with AWS or just on my end.

Martin and Heru covered pretty much what I know. I honestly don’t know much about the NCMC. I wrote code to populate the Gay Spiral database by parsing the zip file leftover from the NCMC, and couldn’t use the NCMC because I didn’t control the domain and couldn’t purchase it from the old owner - which is why it got renamed to the Gay Spiral.


To answer Heru’s request, I might add a section on the main page to tell a bit of GSS’ history.

But I cannot do that by myself, I need Tom’s and Hugh’s help to do that. I will contact Tom if he wants to tell me his story.

I looked up his old site, I wasn’t aware that it’s still around. Thanks for pointing that out! Tom’s a handsome guy, if that’s him on that page!

IIRC at the time the NCMC stories disappeared, and a link to the ZIP file appeared there was an explanation from Tom as to why.

Just found the relevant information, from an old threads on CYOC-

Posted originally at a Yahoo group - it said to pass it on, so here it is:

"please pass this on to all. The NCMC has indeed closed. I was approached a decade ago to host the site as part of my eroticgayhypnosis page. The creator of the NCMC did such a great job I eventually ceased updates to Due to the the limitations of, I paid for the NCMC to move to webfactional but this week the NCMC’s creator decided it had served it purpose for him and he abruptly shut it down. I am thankful for all his hard work over the years and I am great full that he provided a zip of all the stories from the past 10 plus years.

I plan on utilizing a new site for those, who unlike its creator are not ready to move on from stories the NCMC was meant to host. In respect for the NCMC creator it will be a different design and name. Check or in mid September for updates.

I am looking for new partners interested in creating a new website from the ashes

thanks for all the years or service to the community “k”! We will not let your vision die as I do not believe it is bleak but it is definitely beautiful as fiction is meant to be.

EGH webmaster


Hey off thanks guys. I really think it’s important that history be remembered. Whether it be national, local, cultural, or even have a particular website and purpose. To know how a site or culture or an aspect got to where it currently is is very important. For both longtime members and also those who have just recently joined.

So I say thank you for everybody who’s helping to let us remember and know what happened. I think it’s going to be important.

Honestly, it’s also really fun. To see how events went and to see how things developed.

Also to learn that while the stories might be the same, at least in the sense that the old ones got uploaded, the site itself is 110,000% new. Is really awesome and really amazing to consider. And really makes me give you guys a hearty thumbs up and a congratulations handshake.

Thank you all for all your hard work. :slight_smile:


History is remembered by having it documented. Gay history is so marginalized; how much more so is that true of gay fetish history (or fetishism in general).

Which reminds me: if it’s not too much for you Martin, some day it would nice to have “author statements” where they could talk about how they got into the fetish they’re into and how they got into writing. Sort of a “what inspired me to write” section. That’s current documentation (which is important to preserve for whenever this site goes into its next iteration).

Something to think about when you have time.

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You mean to be displayed the page with all of the author’s stories? Like a personal profile?

I’d gladly add that, I’m just not sure how many authors would utilized it and fill in something about their motivations and background.

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Maybe not exactly like a personal profile (since everyone is anonymous), but something that would contribute to the “history” idea of the site. Why authors write what they write, how did they develop their writing and fetish interests. Something personal, but something that would add to the historical information concerning this site.

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xNot sure how that could work :slight_smile:
Who’d add these texts? And how? And where would it be shown?

One issue which might be a bit unexpected is that “author” and “user” are two separate things as Hugh has coded it. As anyone can just type in any author name to his story, authors are created dynamically the first time a new name is used (and that can cause some issues), and it’s also possible to write under a different author name. There is no protection against misusing an author-name.

But if I read your request correctly, you rather think of something that could be written somewhere here in the forum, and I’d put it into a “site history” page manually? And maybe also add it to the author’s page manually?

Could be a nice idea, but first some of our regulars would have to agree to contribute to that…

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I was just going to suggest a forum thread for authors who want to contribute. Then it could all be collected into a post at some point.

Edit - this is screamingmoist btw in case it’s not showing up. There’s a little “anonymous” dude next to my name so I don’t know how it shows to everyone.

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It does. The anon symbol is there because you chose to be anonymous in the site’s user settings. This way, your email address is not stored in the forum and you wont get any notification if someone answers to you or writes you a PM.

Thanks for the info! I don’t computer very well.

I feel so honored.