Slutty clothes

Anyone have some ideas on what clothes a man can wear in every day life that would indicate he’s looking to get fucked?

With women, I’m thinking tight clothes. Low cut tops, maybe crop tops / bikini tops. Low cut tight shorts or form fitting skirts. Things that leave little to the imagination. And partially because society has the concept of slutty behavior when it comes to women.

Is there something similar for men? For beach wear, a guy could be wearing just a speedo, but that wouldn’t even have the same connotation unless no other guy is wearing a speedo, and if they are packing enough that there’s no doubt they have a big or hard cock. Besides at the beach, what would make them appear ready to get laid?

Would it be compared to every other guy? Like, a guy is wearing tight pants that hug his ass and a shirt that is skin tight and shows off all of his muscular curves AND every other guy at that setting is wearing baggy jeans and oversized tshirts or dad attire? Would that imply slutty / looking to get fucked?

Throwing a guy into a thong or tights doesn’t really work as a guy generally wouldn’t be walking around in that stuff when say, going to work. Maybe in the context of going to work, an incredibly tight non-buttoned shirt would work. Or a tight buttoned shirt that is open.

I think I’m looking for ideas to show that a guy wants to get fucked as opposed to that he wants to fuck. Not necessarily that he’s submissive but that he’s looking to ride some dick. And without being feminine.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Am I looking for something that we don’t really culturally have?

Interesting question, and not really something Ive thought about before.

I’m just about to head out, but my quick thoughts for men, is it’s probably more about behaviour than looks, along with some subtle dress hints, like a suitable ear piercing, or if you want to do old school, the handkerchief code.

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I’m thinking about it more.

Maybe it’s dress clothes first, with slacks that show off the ass, along with super tight upper body clothing. Then being super flirty and full of innuendo.

Hanky code and earring are too old :frowning: I never knew what the hanky meant and I can never remember which ear for the earring, because I was too young for either.

Something like bare ass chaps is slutty, but also not acceptable outside of Folsom week or something similar. Maybe setting really matters. At a gym, wearing all skintight spandex seems pretty slutty to me, if there’s no shorts on top of it.

Well this falls somewhat into my interests. For slutty but still dresscode compliant businesswear, well tight pants definitely, I’d say tight enough for the underwear lines to show. The upper body can be a bit tricky though. A tight t-shirt looks great, but if a button up gets too tight it can be a bit strange looking. I’d say tight, but not stretching at the buttons, one button more than usual undone, and rolled up along the forearms.

And suspenders. They keep the pants up higher around the arse. Makes for a nicer view. Bonus points if he’s clumsy and keeps dropping things, leaving him no choice but to bend over, or drop to his hands and knees to pick them up.

Outside of business at the gym, lycra or spandex is a good choice. Otherwise I’d also suggest some short shorts, made from an almost-mesh material. Just enough to see the outline of a jock when he bends over. But nothing overtly scandalous.

Until he takes his shirt off from getting too sweaty, tucks it into his shorts and they pull down enough to show the waistband of his jock.


For the beach, depending on the particular beach culture, you could go skimpier than Speedos, like bikini briefs or a half-thong. If the character can afford a clothing designer, there’s also custom-fitted suits…something designed to accentuate the butt and de-accentuate the front while still looking like perfectly normal swim wear.

If you couple those with having the guy lying face-down on a towel, that’s definitely going to evoke a “please look at my butt” vibe.

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Thanks for the ideas/thoughts so far!

I’m going for slutty bottom but not submissive. I might think about different clothes at different points during the scene. Mesh top on muscle daddy with skin tight short spandex shorts would be a good show off. The gym stuff could work. Tight button up shirt with suspenders was something I hadn’t thought of. And depending, short shorts showing off the top of a jock strap could be sexy and slutty.

I’ve been working on replacing all my normal work shorts (it’s hot in Texas) with something with a shorter inseam. I’m not super tall, so a 5" inseam seems to work well for me, exposing more leg and definitely giving off a gay vibe for my millenial age bracket (gen Z seems to be embracing shorter shorts, no matter their sexual orientation.) I aspire to the super short cutt-off denim shorts, but find I don’t have a generous enough package to really pull them off. I also agree with leaving more shirt buttons un-bottoned, whether the shirt buttons all the way up or is just a polo or golf shirt.

Wearing a jockstrap so that when you bend over, the exposed skin below the jock waist but above that of the shorts is a dead giveaway, and definitely gets my partner’s attention every time.

There’s also something slutty about big, slightly high-topped shoes when worn with shorts. I have a thing for ones made by Osiris. They look like they should be worn with just a jockstrap at a kinky party.

Other than that, I agree that it’s mostly about attitude and behavior. Make a little too much eye contact, and when they notice, be seen looking at their body. Slight physical contact, if it’s anywhere in the realm of possibility, sends loud signals. A brief, light touch on the upper arm while talking to someone is almost unmistakable. The biting of a lower lip (biting the upper lip is an entirely different and unfortunate look) can send insanely slutty vibes. Even smiling a lot and laughing at stupid things can make you look easy.

If it has to be limited entirely to clothes, you really just have to do what works for your body type. I’m a bear in training, so the lycra gym look isn’t for me, but it might work for you. I know that meggings (male leggings) are becoming more of a thing, since I get ads for Kapow on my instagram all the time, lately. Tight denim never goes out of fashion, but I like to breathe, so that one is tough for me. Pick whatever shoes you off to your best advantage and roll with it.

If this is for a story, almost anything can work if you describe it in the right way. His shorts accentuated and lifted his butt, appearing like you could bounce a quarter off it. His shirt is stretched so tightly across his pectorals that his nipples are clearly visible. You get the gist…


Not quite the question that was asked here, but a good chance to remind people that while leather harnesses are now associated with hypermasculinity and Tom of Finland tops, it began as a practical item to wear for bondage.

As I understand it, the harness’s intended purpose was to make it easier to tie someone up and do full-body suspensions. So the bondage subs (aka rope bunnies) would wear harnesses, not the tops, and the ropes would go through various attachment points on the harness. These, of course, were the full harness with actual buckles and real leather as opposed to the snap-on fake leather you see worn today as fashion accessories.

Possibly not the theme of your story @MonsterMash62 , but an honest-to-god bottom rope bunny who wears harnesses because he wants to get tied up and keeps getting mistaken for a top because everyone has the wrong idea about harnesses could be fun for a story or a chapter. :slight_smile:


Just to add to the point of high top shoes with shorts, football (soccer) socks with shorts means the guys is a slut.

Or a professional footballer.

Or both. Both is good.

And on socks, if a man in tight business pants hikes up one leg, as he bends down to tie up his shoe, revealing not just his socks, but the sock suspenders keeping them up? Massive slut.


I saw this on Twitter and instantly thought of this post. Speedo with work boots? Sluuuuut!


Holy! Yes, that is slutty lol. Speedo or briefs with any shoes is slutty. You aren’t going out in that, so it’s discordant. The shoes imply going out, possibly to work, the Speedo/briefs imply not going out or to the beach only. Hot!