[Solved] Help Needed - Proofreading

Hello! How are you doing? :smiley:

I finished writing the first chapter of a very small series (something between two and three parts) and even though I’m giving it a third thorough look myself I think it would still benefit from some external proofreading.

Would anyone be interested in lending me a hand? You can send me a private message here if you do :blush:

Thank you!

I’m by no means, a professional but I’d be happy to help out if I can


Thank you so much!

I’ll send you the link in private :smiling_face:

Did you find someone? Happy to help out – I’m a writer by trade

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Thames.sobol volunteered, but it’s always nice to have a secong opinion :grinning: So if it’s not much asking, I’ll gladly take your offer.


Hi Piko. I’m afraid this has turned into a long stay at the hospital. I’m sorry to have made an offer I can’t fulfill. Best of luck to you!

Thames! You’re in a hospital? I’m so sorry to hear that!

Don’t worry about the proofreading, for of course your health goes first.

Take care! I wish you a quick recovery.