Specific link question

Oh brother. @Martin 's either gonna love this question or hate it.

So for a joke, in my latest story, I wanna link to “a FAQ/Comment section” of a fictional website, but for fun, I want to make the link—if you click it—actually scroll down to that story’s comment section.

Now, there is a button on the page (as part of the normal function of GKS/GSS) that goes to the comment section of the story and, there are various buttons around the GKS/GSS site that goes to the stories comment section rather than the story top, but, is it possible to make that happen as a link? or otherwise make a link that does what that button does?

(you’re either gonna love or hate this question:sweat_smile:)

Well, if you press on the comment button to open the story instead of the normal heading the address bar has the #comments at the end of the address for that story and it goes straight to the comments section, so possibly using that link would work?


OH MY GOD it worked.

Oh fuck. I know it’s not a big deal to anyone except me, but this is fantastic.
This is using GKS comment section to continue the story as like… a fourth-wall-breaking, open, public RP session with a character from the story above it.
Oh my god, I’m so happy I could explode. This is amazing. This is art.

I mean, it’s on a microscopic scale, but still—//vibrates with joy


I’ve given myself insomnia with how happy this has made me.


My eyes begin to spiral as my voice deepens and slows. “Time to sleep oh Wondrous Spider Author. You cannot resist the call to slumber.”


Glad I could help!

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Cool that you managed that all with me sleeping peacefully. I’m happy that Spiders is happy. and thanks to @NANOwriter for giving the best answer possible!


If you want to, read the story and leave a question for Mr.Pipe Expert.

Though I won’t be offended if you don’t; the story is very outside of your cup of tea.

It was none-the-less fun turning your website into a fully open, Community-wide Interactive RP (without even needing to hotwire any tech, or ask for convoluted feature requests!).

I think it’s genuinely a new kind of… storytelling concept.

Like, imagine a large scale Latex dronifier like the one from Neon’s Rubber and Capes story, or a Pheromone hypnotizer like from Twan’s stories, and then at the end of the story, there’s a link to a comment section / Q&A where you-the-reader can literally ask that character questions and tease bits of hidden lore, or just RP with him in his universe.

It’s scintillatingly fun. Even just thinking of the possibilities.

AND. when later readers read the story, there’ll be a bigger and bigger scroll of new material in the comment section, pertinent to the story.

It basically becomes its own community Interactive story RP

Thank you for the question.
Our agent assures us Mr.Pipe Expert will give you a fair answer if and when he reads it.

Right. that was fun.

I think Mr. Pipe Expert is going to retire into the ether now.
Maybe in a few month’s time I’ll do another “the second half of the story is a Public / open-community RP.”

If the inspiration takes you, feel free to steal the idea and do your own versions. I imagine some of the other authors here, could do some great things with it.