Sponsor the sites through Stripe!

As you might know, the service we used to manage the donation and subscriptions for maintaining these sites, “Sponsus” is about to go offline for good.

This left us in the precarious situation that one of our two sources of money went dry from one day to the other

Suddenly the only remaining source has been the online F2P game Gay Harem. Playing this game and paying for in game resources to speed up your progress, is also a viable option to support us, as they share halve the money you spend on the game with us.

Still, those payments don’t even come close to covering the monthly expenses. I’m still dependent on you guys supporting us, the community, with your donations!

And I have to tell you, that your support over the years has been absolutely amazing and reliable. Which really means a lot to me.

I had to use the limited time I’ve got on my hand right now, to come up with a new solution, and I decided to use one of the world’s major payment processors, Stripe. Stripe had been used by Sponsus, too, and using them directly without any middleman seems to be the best and most reliable option to support us in the future.

Stripe is extremely reliable and trustworthy. They provide the necessary anonymity for you, as they make sure that no personal information is shared with us, everything you enter, like your credit card number, is only visible to them. They also support a number of various payment options.

Right now, the integration of the Stripe payment processing into our site is still provisional, but it’s working. You can select one of 4 different subscription tiers options and get all the extra features just as you’ve been used to when using Sponsus before.

You can see the subscription tiers and start a new subscription on this page. Make sure you’re logged on because currently, you can only sponsor us with an active account.

The integration will be improved in the next couple of days, but the most basic functions, like canceling or changing your subscription are already working fine.

Also, the payment methods available are currently limited to credit cards only. I have to check the legal pitfalls that come with the other payment methods before I can enable them.

Let me know if you have questions or if anything doesn’t work as expected. I’ll do everything to make your experience as smooth as possible!

I already thank you all for supporting us, together we can make sure that these websites will have a great future!



You make quick work of it, Martin! I’m in web dev (usually Java/Scala backend but this week I’m suffering the crimes of JavaScript on our front end), and I’m always impressed at a quick turnaround.

I was happy to support on Sponsus, so I’m more than happy to continue doing the same directly. Very straightforward and easy, I love when I don’t have to set up yet another new account.



I know it was probably more work than you expected to have to do but yeah, done. There isn’t a month where I don’t read stories here so yeah its a no brainer for me.


Thank you, both @Razz_TFs & @Heru_Kane ! :kissing_heart:


So happy to re-support :slight_smile:

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It’s the least I can do for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years. <3


Thank you to everybody who already started or came back to sponsoring us! You’re all amazing people.

I’ve improved the integration further. If for whatever reason your account sponsorship is not acknowledged by the system with a message like this on the homepage:

You can simply check out the funding page (click on the text asking you to help funding us) and the system will attempt to automatically reconnect you to your Stripe account and the sponsorship should be acknowledged correctly.

If not, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

There is more to come. I want to add an email thanking everyone who chose to become a sponsor for us - this should have been done from the beginning, and I apologize that this hasn’t been implemented yet.

Also I want to show my appreciation with showing the sponsors on the main page, probably in the form of randomly showing a sponsor’s name each time you visit the home page. This will be opt-out of course. Let me know if you’d rather have this opt-in or not at all.


Wow! That was fast!
I’ve just re-subscribed.
I was actually going to double my monthly payment for this month, to cover last month/catch-up, but there’s no option for that lol.
I might play around with it and see if I can trick it :slight_smile:

And my one trick (canceling and subscribing again) failed.
Martin, if you need extra funds for the month, let us know.
And again (or maybe for the first time?) fantastic work getting that up and running, and so well, so quickly.

Just to check… I assume that’s our usernames, not the real names associated with our credit cards?

Yes, of course, I’m talking about the name you’ve set in your profile here on the sites.

I’d never ever share any private info you enter on Stripe or your email address myself. Only ever anything that you chose to share on your profile yourself anyway.

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Thank you, again :slight_smile:

I’ve already got a request from another user to offer more higher end tiers. I’m a bit reluctant as I cannot offer anything special in return.

But of course, I greatly appreciate the motion and will accommodate that asap. As always, you guys are amazing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification on names. That sounds like a sweet gesture.

There doesn’t need to be anything special. This place matters to me, and I’m sure it matters to a lot of us, so getting to pitch in more is a win.


So there doesn’t need to be anything special in return for contributing as the benefit, on a selfish level, is ‘the continued existence of the site’. Which honestly is a good enough benefit that I don’t need any other benefit.

Though, admittedly I do like how I get a different badge color and a note of being a supporter. So that’s fun!

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Do you have an opportunity for one time donation. I don’t like monthly recurring credit card debit. If you wanted to put up some options for one time donation or for 12 months donation, that would be great.

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I guess I will create an option for this. The problem is a bit how to grant you the proper special extended features.

Maybe I’ll create a non-recurring, one-time payment subscription for 6 and 12 years or sth like that. Should be possible. But give me a couple of days to implement this, please.

A massive update for the Stripe integration went live. Here are the changes:

  • You can now directly access the Stripe customer portal (which allows you to cancel or to change your subscription) without needing an email validation detour.

  • You can now choose between a monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, and yearly subscription.

  • A one-time, non-recurring subscription is not directly supported by Stripe. As a workaround, you can opt for a long-term subscription and cancel it right away. It will then still be valid for the complete period you’ve selected.

  • Two additional tiers have been added ($25 and $50) for people who want to be extremely generous.

  • A new option has been added to opt-in to be publically listed as a sponsor (using the nickname you’ve chosen). For existing sponsors, this option is disabled by default, but it will be enabled for new subscribers. Please check the option and enable it, if you want to see your name on the main page and the Sponsoring page:

  • A random selection of “Sponsors of the Day” will be shown on the main page. Higher-tier sponsors have a bigger chance of being listed.

  • All sponsors (who didn’t opt-out) will be listed on the sponsoring page.

  • Sponsors will now notified by email when a subscription has been started, has been cancelled, or has expired.


I think the images quota amounts for the differing levels on the sponsorship tier page may be a little mixed up? Specifically, the $5 tier.

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Yeah, you’re right, the “Premium Supporter” is supposed to have 300 MB. The tier box just shows the wrong value, but the actual implementation is correct.

You’ve got a very good eye and thank you very much for catching that!

The error will be fixed with the next update, which should be in a day or two.

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Another update to fix a couple of problems:

  • The option to allow your name to be listed as a sponsor has been moved to the “Basic tier” on the funding page, because all sponsors of all tiers can be listed on that page.

  • The mailing for new or changed sponsorships didn’t work correctly, that’s fixed.

  • Changing an active subscription now will also be confirmed with a mail

  • The typo on the “Premium Supporter” tier with the wrong image quota has been fixed.