Stories about penis/balls mutilation or piercing to enforce bottoming role

First some disclaimers: I am not equating regular everyday genital piercings to mutilation, I just think both piercings or mutilation could apply to the kink I’m getting to. Secondly, I don’t aim to get too mutilation heavy in this thread - it’s not really my cup of tea in general… But I love stories that force someone into being a total bottom or somewhat incompetent top, whether through removing sensation, cock shrink, chastity etc. It’s very hot to me and I think some mutilation and piercings could apply.

So on to the point of the post: I wanted to share some ideas about mutilation and extreme piercings, and also ask if anyone knows of stories that do this. I don’t know of many, since often piercing stories are going to focus on piercing as a fetish, which I’m not really into in a standalone way. And similarly about mutilation - it’s just unsettling if there isn’t a payoff by integrating it with a different kink

Why do I care? I think the appeal is that these kinds of stories are potentially more “realistic” than something fantastical like cock shrink. And it’s more of a body modification than something like chastity - it can’t just be undone immediately with the right key. But, something like extreme piercing also leaves the penis intact, which scratches a different itch for me than, say, magically/surgically giving someone a vagina or a nub.

I’ve been a little vague so I can try and give some examples. I remember a looooong time ago (over a decade ago) reading a series (I think on mcstories but maybe not) about a submissive, that eventually got to a point where (mutilation warning) he gets several needles pierced through his scrotum and testes, eventually ending with castration, and his master displays his balls on the mantle. His master gives him hormone injections to keep him healthy but not enough/the right mix to allow him to achieve erections or keep his cock from shrinking.

I also remember one on GSS more recently that was a similar story except it took more of a feminization and muscle gain turn, where the sub ended up being bulked out and getting a sex change operation.

I think the above can be a bit unsettling, but it does scratch an extreme itch I feel like I don’t get too often from the transformations and fantastical surgeries we usually see.

I have some ideas and I’m wondering if anyone also finds them intriguing. Some ideas I have include:

  • some kind of piercing that renders the penis useless for sex and/or makes it painful to be erect. As far as I know, there is not a common piercing out there for this purpose so I’m not sure exactly what the mechanics would look like.

  • An extreme circumcision, where too much skin is removed such that an erection causes uncomfortable or painful skin sensations.

  • (This one is more fantastical but I’ll include it because it seems a bit more realistic to me than some other things we often see) a surgery which replaces the testes with tiny, remote controlled hormone and fluid releasers. This way, the controller could influence libido with hormones, and also artificially quickly refilling the prostate with fluid. And, visually this looks like ball shrink - not necessarily enforcing bottoming but kind of humiliating in that direction.

  • A surgery that binds scrotal / shaft / crotch tissue in a weird creative way that makes penetration very difficult. For instance, binding the shaft to the skin above it, where pubes are, so the penis is always sticking straight up.

  • A surgery which cuts off the urethra, making it’s primary opening a hole in the taint. This means ejaculation (whether when topping, bottoming, jo, etc.) floods the taint and anus, and there is no shooting out of the dick. Also, you’d have to pee sitting down. To me this idea is kinda hot because even if a guy tops, when he cums he’s just going to feel jizz all over his taint and hole, almost like he was just breeded. And when bottoming, it would just add to the cum dripping down their legs. This surgery also just seems very realistically possible to me, although it would probably lead to a lot of UTIs.

Hope this post reaches the right people, starts a conversation, and shares some stories.


I really like that idea of having the guy surgically altered so maybe like you said he can top but his precum and cum are rerouted to his anus so if he ever ejaculates he cums inside his own ass and any precum he makes just makes his ass slicker to be a perfect bottom

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