Stories that don't fit an available category

I have a couple of stories that don’t really fit into the any of the current categories. Specifically, the cause of the mind alteration is a disease. I’m currently putting it in Reprogramming because that one says it’s for technological sources and it’s an engineering disease, but it really seems tenuous to me.

I could swear I’ve seen other stories that used a disease/virus of some sort as the vector. Would it be approrpiate to add that as a new category?

More generally, would it be possible to add some sort of “Other” category for future stories that don’t really fit any of the available ones?

We actually had a whole story challenge about a pandemic :slight_smile:

The thing about the categories is that they should give an idea what kind of mind control is happening. Because that’s what people are looking for.

Like, if the people, in your case, are changed physically by the disease (muscle or hair growth etc.) it would be the category “transformation”.

If the people are all getting hyper-sexualized and gay, but don’t change physically, it would be “brainwashed”. “Reprogramming” would mean that they totally lose their own free will and become completely different personalities.
If it’s just like an addition or if they become overwhelmed by a sexual desire from time to time, drugged can also be used.

Reality Change would mean that everything changes but none of the people affected even realise that anything has changed at all - for them reality had always been like that.

Adding “disease” as its own category seems too specific for me. That’s what tags are there for.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here, that doesn’t mean that I’m not open for new suggestions for categories, but they have to be broad enough to be useful. Otherwise I’d just use tags.