Stories where character musk/presence makes people into their doms/daddies

Looking for a list where the charm of the person makes them dominate and masters. Musk because the implication it happens but not under control. It ‘unleashes’ them or changes them the more exposed and so on.

And yes enjoying Nanites Amok.
Still liking more.

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There’s a great (albeit, mpreg, if that’s not your thing) story about a bunch of brothers-in-law who go gay for the one guy whose musk gets out of control.

It winds up being kinda wholesome towards the end but it’s still really hot!


I’m more of a fan of Older/Bigger/Masculine as the Top, not the bottom, but there’s this one between brothers.

This is one of my favorites

Kinda what you’re looking for

Boypussy. This isn’t musk but it’s seriously my all time favorite story. You could fill a sperm bank with the number of times I’ve read this story lol.